If you are a website owner and want to start marketing on your own? No worries, today we will be talking about free marketing tools that will help you in marketing your website.

Many free marketing tools to use but have some limitations, to get more features from the specific tool you may need to purchase the pro version of that tool which has payment modes such as one-time payment or monthly payment subscriptions.

But if you are just starting then consider using the free version of it and start working on marketing your website. Make sure you make a note of your daily work tools.

Let’s Check Out Free Marketing Tools:

Schedule Posts Tools


1. Buffer – Schedule Social Media Posts

Buffer tool can help you schedule social media posts and analyze post-performance. It helps you to visually plan and schedule social media campaigns.

You can use the free version in the beginning but it has some limitations, if you liked it you can get subscriptions.

2. Later – Schedule Instagram Post

The later tool can help you plan and schedule Instagram posts, so if you are selling products that are meant for the young generation you can stay ahead and schedule advance posts and keep engaging with your audience.

Using this tool you can find and share the right content, drive traffic, track sales, etc. you can start with a free plan and if you are running a marketing agency then you can subscribe for premium plans.

3. TweetDeck – Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

TweetDeck is a completely free social tool that combines Twitter specialization with powerful reporting to help you organize your presence on Twitter.

4. Friends+Me – Schedule Social Media Posts

Friends+Me tools can help you schedule social media posts. You can schedule posts for different social media platforms so you don’t need to waste your time creating a daily post.

Find Keywords


5. Display Purposes – Instagram Hashtag Generator

This tool can help you generate hashtags. If you write a word in the search bar, 30 keywords will be generated related to the word you typed in the search bar. You can copy all those relevant hashtags and place it in the first comment on your post and watch the magic after one hour.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner helps you do some research for your search campaigns. This free marketing tool can help you discover new keywords related to your business and can check estimates of the searches those keywords receive and the cost to target them.

7. Answer The Public – Find Keyword Ideas

Answer the public tool is one of the best tools you will ever find for creating content ideas. This tool is free but you can use it 2 times a day. You can upgrade to a premium plan if you are a content creator. It provides a detailed analysis of the keyword you type in the search bar.

8. Ubersuggest – Keyword And Topic Suggestions

Ubersuggest is a free markeying tool that allows you to get keyword ideas and website analysis. You can get a few search limits in the free version. If you purchase it for a premium you can get a detailed analysis of the specific website.

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Organize Your Work


9. Trello – Set And Organize Tasks

Trello is a tool that makes your projects into boards. In short, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who is working on what. It’s a whiteboard with lots of sticky notes with each note as a task for you or your team members.

10. UberConference – For Conference Calls and Meetings

UberConference is a free tool with limited features which allows you to have conference calls with your team members, it also allows you to share the screen.

In the free version, you can add up to 10 participants. If you want to add more you should go for a premium plan.

11. Asana – Track Team Work

Asana is a SAAS service designed to improve team collaboration and work management. It helps teams to manage projects and tasks in a single tool. Team members can easily create projects, assign work to their teammates, specify deadlines of the work, etc.

12. HelloSign – eSign Documents Tool

HelloSign tool is an eSignature service provider authorised for making the process of signing paperwork less uncomfortable and embarrassing. Using this free signature tool you can create an electronic signature, format documents, store signed documents – everything online.



13. Screaming Frog – Free SEO Audit For Your Website

Screaming Frog tool will help you improve on-site SEO, by auditing for common SEO & obtaining data. You can do it for free to 500 websites URL. If you want more features you need to upgrade it to a premium plan.

14. SEO Quake – On-page SEO Audit

SEO quake is a free plugin for the web browser that provides you with an organic data at a single click. It can provide parameters about the listings on a search engine result page (SERP).

15. SERPROBOT – Check Your Search Engine Ranking Positions

SERPROBOT is a free tool that will help you check your website’s ranking positions. You just need to enter your domain name and enter the keywords you want to check your rankings for.

So if you are working on SEO for your website, you can use this free tool to check your rankings, so you can understand that you are going in the right directions.

16. Segment – Collect Clickstream Data From Many Platforms

A segment is a tool that helps you collect and send data to various places, including Google Analytics, Zendesk, etc. it can be a good option for companies that send data to various databases and can integrate with many different marketing tools.

17. Copyscape – Helps You Search For Copies Of Your Page On The Web

Copyscape is a tool that will help you find the copied content of your website on the internet. You just need to add a specific URL to your website to check that your content got copied by another website without your permission. It is a free tool but if you want some advanced feature you need to upgrade it to the premium plan.

18. SEO Chat – Preview Your Google Search Listings

SEO chat is a free tool that will help you to write the perfect title, description, and URL with live preview so you can easily create your website listing and check how it will look in search results.

There are many different tools available in SEO chat which can be helpful for your website such as domain authority checker, keyword density checker, word count tool, meta tag generator, etc.

19. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google mobile-friendly test tool is a free tool that helps you test how mobile-friendly your website is. So if you are creating a new website you can use this tool to test your website and make.

If you get some errors it will provide you error report so you can fix those errors and make your website mobile-friendly.essential changes.

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Audit Your Website


20. Mixpanel – Analyze Website’s User Behaviour

Mixpanel is a free tool that lets you analyze how visitors interact with your internet-connected products. It is designed to make the team more productive by allowing everyone to analyze visitors data in real-time to identify ongoing trends, understand visitors behaviour, etc.

If you want to use more advanced features you may need to upgrade it to a premium plan.

21. GTmetrix – Analyze Website Performance

GTmetrix is a free tool that allows you to test your website’s performance. It provides a detailed report and suggests what changes you need to make to improve your website performance and beat your competitors.

Write Better Copy


22. Hemingway app – identify lengthy sentences and common errors

Hemingway app is a free writing and editing tool which is designed to help you glaze your writing. It helps you identify common errors that bring down your writing quality.

23. CoSchedule – Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule is a free tool that will help you write and analyze the website’s headlines to drive traffic, shares and search results. It helps you check word balance, headline type, sentiment, word count, etc.

Use Design Tools And Editors


24. Crello – Graphic Design Tool

Crello is an online tool that allows you to design cool banners for your website, social media posts, video stories, etc. this tool allows you to design free banners but if you want to use premium ready-to-use templates you need to upgrade it to a premium version.

25. FreeLogoServices – Generate A Logo

FreeLogoServices is a free tool that allows you to create a business logo in no time easily. So if you are creating a website and don’t want to hire a designer to design your logo you can consider this tool to create a logo by yourself.

26. TinyPNG – Compress Images

TinyPNG is a free tool that allows you to reduce high-quality images so you can upload it to your website with less size and clean quality so it loads your website faster.

Nurture Leads


27. Sumo – Collect Website Visitor’s Email

Sumo is an email capturing tool that allows you to automatically capture website visitor’s email so you can market them your product by different offers. It is designed to increase your newsletter signups, grow your website traffic, and boost your social presence.

28. HubSpot – Free CRM To Organize Work And Manage Leads

HubSpot is a leading Free CRM tool that allows you to track & manage interactions between a company & its customers. It allows companies to forecast revenue, measure sales, team productivity, etc.

29. Freshworks – Free CRM Tool

Freshworks is an all-in-one free CRM tool that allows you to combine sales and marketing capabilities, chat, and an in-built phone. You can start using this tool for free but if you want to use advanced features you will need to upgrade it to a premium plan.


30. Followerwonk – Find Relevant Twitter Users For Your Niche

Followerwonk is a free tool with limited features that will help you analyze any Twitter account that will also help you optimize your Twitter marketing strategy. If you want to get rid of limited features then you need to upgrade your account to a premium plan.

31. Portent – Content Ideas Generator

It is a website with different free tools that will help you in your marketing strategy. Portent helps you find the content titles based on proven techniques and best practices.

32. Alltop – Discover Trends By Researching What’s Googled Most

Alltop is a free tool that can help you discover what are the topics that are trending in your niche and most searched in Google. This can help you create a fresh and most searched content so you can drive the desired audience on your website.

33. Google Trends – Find What’s Searched  Most

Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google to find how commonly a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine respective to the website’s total search volume over a given time.

Track Mentions

34. Mentionmapp – See Your Mentions And Critical Relationships

Mentionmapp is a Twitter tool that will help you discover hot topics, hashtags, and stories. It’s a free tool to take advantage of it and reach your desired audience on Twitter.

35. Google Alerts – Get Notified About Brand Mentions

Google alerts can help you get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google search. This service is offered by Google itself. This service sends emails to the users when it finds new results for the articles, web pages, etc.

That’s it! Hope you will like this article! If you are doing online marketing by yourself then you must try the mentioned tools and make your marketing plans more effective and drive more traffic to your website. 

If you have any questions you can ask by commenting below.

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