Let’s check How To Install WordPress on Localhost.

Now, you have to follow the WordPress Template Business localhost installation process to install WordPress on the localhost.

To install WordPress locally, you need a localhost server. There are localhost server apps you can use WAMP or XAMPP,

Here we use the WAMP server,

Follow the 6 Steps to install WordPress on Localhost

let’s set up WordPress by following the steps below:

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Step 1: Download WordPress

First, you need to download WordPress. Visit the WordPress.org/download website and click on the ‘Download WordPress’ button and get the latest version of WordPress.

download wordpress

Step 2: Then extract the downloaded folder

WordPress download in zipped format, so you first extract it.

Step 3: Copy the extracted folder to WAMP

copy the extracted folder to:


WAMP takes this form:


Step 4: Rename the WordPress folder

We recommend you rename the folder. For this tutorial, we shall be renaming the folder to “demosite”

Step 5: look website in the browser

With WAMP still running, open any browser. Type “localhost/demosite” in the tab

Local Host in Google Chrome - WordPress

You will see a page like this:

install wordpress in Local Host - 1

then choose the language and continue

install wordpress in Local Host - 2

Step 6: Then Create a database

The localhost/phpmyadmin page on your browser would open. Click on Databases.

Create Database and Integrate WordPress

Now we have created our WordPress database. so let’s run next step

Enter the database you created earlier. Your username is ‘root’ and you should leave the password field blank. For the database host field, you need to use localhost

install wordpress in Local Host - 3

Click Run the installation.

You can choose a site title, set a passport and put in an email address and install WordPress.

install wordpress

After installation, log in to your WordPress Dashboard and start developing, designing.

install wordpress

Using our example folder name, You can login to your website by going to WordPress admin localhost/demosite/wp-admin

Congrats…you successfully install WordPress on localhost.

If you have any problems then let me know in the comment box.

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