When it comes to SEO projects there is no fixed price for it so many business owners think they don’t want SEO for their business.

And if they want to do SEO for websites they find it costs so they quit without everything.

There are two traps clients easily fall into when it comes to plans and budgets.

  • They don’t have a plan
  • They don’t have a budget

When it comes to SEO, failure means loss of money, time, and opportunity.

So today we will discuss how to create a simple plan and budget to make sure this does not happen to you.

Let’s understand two important facts about SEO

1. SEO is a long term strategy

SEO is a long term strategy

Yes, you heard it right if you want a website to rank higher in search engines it takes time to reach that height.

You can create a website in a single day but you can’t rank that website in a single day.

It takes 4 – 6 months for minimal results and 7 – 12 months for complete results.

You can barely see Search Engine Optimization results in the first two months because the first month takes lots of time for discovery, planning, and auditing.

So in the first-month planning takes place not implementation.

Second-month implementation begins but it takes time for search engines to recognize the changes you made.

So nothing happens to results until the end of the second month.

Then you will find results start appearing in the third and fourth months but they will be minimal.

By the sixth month, things should be starting to move smoothly. But it will likely be closer to twelve months before the real payoff starts.

So you will start getting back your investment in the second year.

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2. Real SEO is not cheap!

If you are hiring a high-level SEO firm to provide in-depth SEO service, be ready to pay 3000$ to 5000$ per month at minimum cost.

Lots of companies are spending more than 10,000$ per month on SEO.

Don’t hire a company offering SEO optimization service for less than 1000$ per month, unless it’s a minimum SEO effort for some sub-section.

So if you are serious about SEO then you should be committed to spending 12 months and more than 40,000$ to start your SEO campaign.

You will be able to find lots of professionals and agencies willing to tell you they will get you better results faster.

Because they are scared that if they tell you anything different you will take your optimization service request somewhere else.

Once you understand the above-mentioned factors and you are ready to start working with an optimization firm.

You can start working on five planning and budget steps below :

Choose a metric

What are you going to measure and why? If you say ranking you better have a good reason.

Because rankings are in general a bad metric to focus on. So it is better to focus on traffic and generating leads, getting more sales and other conversions.

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Make a goal

make a goal

What kind of increment do you want to see as a result of your overall SEO campaign?

An 11% month-on-month increase in sales over the next 12 months? A 21% increase in newsletter subscription within the next 6 months?

You need to figure out what kind of success you want in your business.

Put a value on achieving that goal

How much would hitting your goal be worth to you? What would you be willing to pay if someone came to you and offered a 50% increase in sales in 12 months?

Create a budget

create a budget

Now you understood that what hitting the goal is worth to you, you have an idea of what your budget should be.

It cannot be more than the value of achieving your targeted goal and identity will be quite a bit less than that.

That’s it!

Present your 1st and 2nd steps to your selected firm and ask them to bid on them.

And if you start working with a firm you know and trust, share everything you want them to get results.

So if you are willing to get SEO done for your website you must set up your goals first and then ask SEO Firms to bid on your goals.

So you can choose the right firm for your google ranking and reach your goals.

If you want to get your minimal optimize done you can check out an SEO optimization service to reach your business goals.

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