In this article, you can see to edit footer in PrestaShop theme.

Your store’s PrestaShop theme footer can be completely modified as per your can change the footer link as you wish. You can also add a new block in the footer. Footer container includes a block you can in the screenshot.

How to edit Footer in PrestaShop
How to edit Footer in PrestaShop

You can see PRODUCTS and OUR COMPANY blocks in your admin side.

To edit footer go to Design > Link Widget > you can see 2 blocks

How to edit Footer in PrestaShop
How to edit Footer in PrestaShop

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To edit a block, click on the Edit button, it displays Name of the blocks, Hook and Page link.

  • 1. Name of the blocks field identifies the block’s name, you can keep any name related to block.
  • 2. Hook field hook name, means in which hook you want to display the block. Select “displayFooter” hook to display in footer.
  • 3. Page link field display different types of links, as you show there are many links in the block, you can select the link which you want to display in the footer of your store.

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