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What’s included in Webibazaar Technical Support Services :

Available for purchased Webibazaar theme templates - We provide premium support for Webibazaar theme and for Wordpress/Woocommerce/Opencart/Prestashop/Bigcommerce templates created by Webibazaar. It is available only for designs you purchased at Webibazaar.com

Site speed audit & assistance with speed optimization - our team will check website and perform speed test, then we will provide a list to client with reasons for slow loading website and possible solutions. Client may receive price quote to solve the problem by our team members.

Access to knowledge base and technical documentation - You will get step-by-step tutorials and documentation for installing, configuring, and maintaining your website template

Support via ticket system - Average response time 1-8 hours on business days

Support in live chat with priority queue - Access to live chat for real time problem solving. Available only from 9 AM to 11 PM IST (UTC + 05:30) on business days

Bugs fix for Webibazaar templates and plugins. Implementation of bug fixes on live website

Emergency issues assistance

Complex issues troubleshooting and error debugging - We provide recommendation and feedback for any unusual errors and problems (template or module related, hosting related or issues caused due to implemented modifications of the initial structure/code

Complex problem correction for template - Customization of template by you or third-party developer can cause problem in your website, also to additions that have been added to initial template code, we will identify problem and fix it specifically affected and related to the template files

Investigation of third party plugin related issues - Our team members will investigate problems with third-party scripts or modules and provide feedback on how to solve the issues

On demand phone call access - You can request a personalized consultation call back from our dedicated team members

Free template installation - We will install and activate on of your Webibazaar templates for free(available for 6 & 12 months package)

5 hours of webmaster assistance - This includes site debugging, site diagnostics, personalized assistance, instafast service and minor site customizations as well as fixing minor errors. If your request goes beyond minor changes we offer a special discounted price for the required customization. (available for 6 & 12 months packages)

15% discount on any service provided by Webibazaar.

How we will work on this service :

Placing order

(within 15 min)

After you purchase this service you will be added to a special group of premium support users.

Using this service

(1 to 12 months as per your selection)

You can send us an email or start a chat to receive support or request a callback. You don’t need to do anything extra. You will start enjoying all the advantages of the premium support plan right after you purchase this service.

Renewing this subscription

(after premium support ends)

After this premium support service ends you will be automatically transferred to basic free support chat. If you want to be in a premium support group you will have to purchase this service again.

To provide this service we need your :

Order payment

Why will you need Webibazaar technical support service :

If you have multiple websites then you will surely know how to set up a website template or you might try to find it on google or youtube for step-by-step process and setup your website, there are limitless options for it.

But if you are newbie and haven’t done this before then watching tutorial videos on youtube may be overwhelming, you may not understand where to start, you might not know all technical terms that you see in those tutorials then you may face some complex tech issues that you can’t troubleshoot easily.

You might not have enough time to spend on research on creating a site. Within a few days you will leave the idea of having a website, if you have found yourself in the same situation we got your back, our Webibazaar technical support service will help you fulfill your website creation.

Our paid technical support is aimed to provide priority support assistance whenever you need it though channels you prefer, you will be able to get support by email, chat or over the phone, in live chat you will be placed in priority queue to be able to connect to our dedicated team member without any delay. Email response time is 1-8 hours or you can request a personalized call back from our team member to describe your problem and discuss all details over phone call.

If you choose 3 months or more than that of premium support, we will give you extra bonus such as :

  • Free template installation for 6 or 12 months plan.
  • 5 hours of webmaster assistance which you can use for site diagnostics, fixing errors, personalized assistance, instafast services, site debugging and minor site customization.
  • 15% discount on any services of Webibazaar.

Please Note :

Technical website support service is available for Webibazaar theme templates and for Wordpress/Woocommerce/Opencart/Prestashop/Bigcommerce templates created by Webibazaar.

Premium support is provided only for the templates that are purchased from Webibazaar.com.


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Troubleshooting complex issues.

Priority support in chat , email, or phone call.

5 hours of webmaster assistance.

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Created Date 19/09/2020
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