Let’s start move PrestaShop from Localhost to Server. Follow this article..!!!

Moving PrestaShop Themes from localhost to server is pretty much easier. Just follow this articles and move your site localhost to the server.

Follow this below steps for moving prestashop.

STEP 1: First of all Copy all files from localhost to your server(FTP)

STEP 2: Backup the database on your localhost

To backup database, login to phpmyadmin. Select your database, Go to Export tab then, click on Go button. Your database export as .sql file

How to move PrestaShop from Localhost to Server?

STEP 3: Import Database on your server

Login to phpmyadmin again on your server, You have to create database on your server and go to Import tab. Select database file that you exported in above step(See STEP 2) and then click on Go button.

database import

STEP 4: Change Domain name and path

Go to ps_shop_url table, Edit this table and change domain, domain_ssl and physical_uri.

database table changes

For configuration, You have to edit app > config > parameters.php file.

STEP 5: Regenerate .htaccess File

To regenerate .htaccess file, Go to Shop Parameters > Traffic & SEO click on Save button. It will automatic regenerate your htaccess file. And also it is better to clear cache.

Just follow this few steps and move your prestashop Localhost to the Server.

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How to move PrestaShop from Localhost to Server?

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