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If you have PrestaShop theme online store with a large number of products, you need to make sure that customer can easily find product what they want with less time, so adding this module in PrestaShop theme store that can make you more familiar with online customers.

What is the PrestaShop theme faceted search?

The faceted search module is the default PrestaShop theme module that displays with navigation filter. In order to use the Faceted Search module, It decreases the number of display products.

If you use the Faceted Search module, you can easily find out the product by category wise, size-wise, color-wise and also price-wise.

So, Customer can easily find the product what they want to choose, also it saves the time of customer because you don’t need to show all product, just use Facet search module and you can easily find products.

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How to Configure the Faceted Search module?

To configure Faceted Seach module, just follow below steps:

In the PrestaShop Admin panel Go to Module Manager >> Module tab, find the Faceted Search module. If the module is installed then click on the “Configure” button otherwise click on the “install” button.

How to use the Faceted Search module?

After configuring the faceted search module, there are 3 panels in this module that describe below.



It is necessary to re-index or re-built the data because the faceted search must be kept up to date with the latest products.

  • Index all missing prices – is add the only price that not indexed before.
  • Rebuild entire price index – is add to index all price whether that indexed before or not.
  • Build attributes and features indexes – is used to add all product attributes and features to the index.



In the Filter Templates tab, You can see that already one filter template is available, use this existing filter template otherwise create a new filter template. To create a new filter template, Click on Add New Template.


  • Add filter title name in the Template name field.
  • Choose the category in which category, you filter appear.
  • and last which type of filter(like color, size, brand, stock, etc…), you want to show in the filter of the category page. you also enable or disable filter options.


You can set the Configuration setting by Configuration Section.

  • Show the number of matching products – is display matching product and hide the filter option when no products are matching.
  • Show products from subcategories – is used to show or hide products from subcategories.
  • Category filter depth (0 for no limits, 1 by default) – is used to display filter depth.
  • Use tax to filter price – is used to enable or disable tax to filter price.
  • Use rounding to filter price – is used to enable or disable rounding to filter price options.

After these changes, click on the “Save” button. Now you can see on your front side of the category page to show how faceted search for work.

See video for a better understanding of how the Facet Search module works.

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