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OpenCart has become a very common name in the e-Commerce business, in fact, every 2nd e-Commerce store owner has an OpenCart management system. However, in today’s competitive world every digital store owner has to come up with creative ideas for their e-Commerce business therefore, they can generate more revenue from it and provide better satisfaction to the customers at the same time.

In general, every digital thing requires a better design to cope up with today’s trends. If you are also looking to give your OpenCart a better look, then my friend you are in the right place.

By providing high-quality themes Webibazaar Template has become a world-known theme providing company along with satisfying hundreds of customers.

We have successfully provided hundreds of PrestaShop themes for a multifarious business category to the people who needed it. In addition, we have also provided free Shopify themes too.

For us, customer satisfaction is the most significant aspect when we are providing precious services to them.

Get yourself ready, if you are looking to update your OpenCart. Select one of the themes from our OpenCart Theme shop, get in touch with our representative and get your PSD to OpenCart conversion service done with us.

Services: We Provide It, You Get It


1. Theme Development

We work on the exact idea which you provided us in your PSD file. Our developers have the ability to convert your PSD file into custom Best OpenCart themes. We also serve our experience to do customisation in your existing OpenCart theme. We hold the experience to provide you with a fully responsive and crystal clear theme.

2. OpenCart Upgrades

Webibazaar’s skilled developers have the ability and knowledge about how to cope up with the latest trends. Creative minds can transform your website into the latest & trendy version of OpenCart which specifically helps you to generate more revenue and fulfil the customer’s requirements at the same time.

3. Theme Customization

Creative UX is the most important aspect of any e-Commerce store. If you have any idea about that, our developers will fulfil it as you want on your website. With the norm customization service/process, you can go far afield from your targeted audience and make new customers.

4. Module Advancement

We, ourselves encoded every single thing you need in your website to enlarge the experience of users. We handle and analyse every execution which requires to be in the module of OpenCart.

5. Upgradation of Store

We hopefully understand the demand for creativity should apply to your Opencart store. Moreover, it is the necessity of yours too. We keep endeavouring and make sure your OpenCart store is well updated enough as per today’s latest trends & technology.

6. Extensions Advancement

Our proposition is the extension advancement for your OpenCart store in order to add more functionalities, therefore, it can apply on your web store as per your needs. Our miraculous extension advancement service will become beneficial in the rising of your ROI.

The Benefits You Will Receive

the benefits you will receive

1. Pixel Perfect Theme

We work within the PSD file (design) field that you provide to us. We will not do any change from our side without asking you. Besides, you receive the product which you asked for us to make for you.

2. Load-Speed & SEO Optimization

Faster loading page = better user experience. Our expert developers adhere to advanced conversion methods. It specifically results in well-optimized conversion and devoted to faster page load time in a matter of time.

3. Responsive Theme

Our PSD to OpenCart conversion service also includes the work to create a responsive theme that looks appropriate and develop better user experience on every digital module like on desktop, mobile, tablets & iPads.

4. Extension Installation

We give highly-responsive and fully functional website along with all mandatory installation files. In addition, we suggest the best extensions for your website/store and integrating process of plugins to increase sales on your store.

5. Support

We offer live support through Skype and our mail service too. You will receive all the answers from our experts’ team in a matter of time. You will also receive product updates too from us from time to time. It's our best way to stay in the loop with our customers.

6. Non-Disclosure Agreement

We must respect our customer’s privacy and security and we adhere to it. We are ready to sign the non-disclosure agreement to protect your data.

7. Multi-Language Support

This is the reason why we provide this conversion service. Not everyone understands English. We are providing multi-language support so that anyone can choose their suitable language from it and also pay in their country’s currency too.

8.Fast Turnaround

When you talk to one of our representatives about our PSD to OpenCart conversion Service, you get a real-time estimate that will meet your match schedule.

9.Tableless Layout

No tables are used for page or Website layout control purposes. Instead CSS and JavaScript are used to arrange all elements in the converted OpenCart page.

10.Extensions Development

We offer your Choice extension development for OpenCart to add functionalities in your OpenCart theme for your e-commerce BUsiness website as per your Website requirements. we maximize your ROI. Connection for your eCommerce website to offer you a safe and secure website.


All our projects have one thing in Common: the use of advanced coding standards Such as - CSS PreProcessors, King us With What you have in mind and We shall take core of it.

12.Fast response time guaranteed to your Website

13.All products adhere to prescribed License on Website

Hire Developers For Conversion Process


This type of work requires a person who is a professional one and expertise himself in an OpenCart service and all other things wedded to it. This particular thing about the control of the project is in your hand. You can get every possible update from the developer you hired for the work that you want to be done.

Hired developers will analyse the whole project and suggest the best ways that generally helps you to accomplish your project. In addition, our expert developers provide you with authentic and rapid support along with better satisfaction.

Our Working Style

Analysation of PSD by Our Experts

To carry out the whole project, our team of experts analyse the whole PSD file from start to end. We would not let anything overlook us not even a little thing. Analysation is the wholesome idea about how we're gonna work on this particular thing step by step.


Now in the process of development of the website, we are enforcing a team of experts and also we hire one guy who has the ability to guide developers and give updates to you regarding this project.

Testing & Delivery

After the development, it’s time to test on a multifarious platform, quality assurance, the working speed and checking user experience on every available module is our priority. We will not deliver anything to you until it passes all the mandatory testing processes.


Of course! Every single line of the script is coded by our expert developers. We never use any insignificant tool which transforms coding without any hand used coding work.

We prefer PSD or AI files but if you have other formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAR, PDF etc. we do accept these file formats too.

We won’t disclose our customer’s privacy, we respect it though. We are fully ready to sign an NDA.

Before we begin our work we always make sure that users' backup data will be saved and delivered to you when the work gets done.

You can contact us or mail us or more generally you can skype us so that our talk becomes more reliable and simple for both of us to understand better.


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