You have probably read the right title. Affirmatively, this is especially for small businesses who have a Web Design Themes and template business. And want to start online marketing, conversely due to playing around with the budget they have to use only minimal marketing strategies.

Spending days and days making a user-friendly e-commerce store puts everything in it that can attract customers.

But are all of those decorations and sassy appearance really matters when not a single person comes to visit your store?

We don’t think that, in contrast, e-commerce or any other business depends on customers.

However, if you are a small business and just getting started then you must be thinking about online marketing right?

Unfortunately, you have your budget and you can’t afford the prominent marketing. Though, we are here to remove all your concerns and help you with the marketing.

In this article, we are going to tell you about those online marketing strategies which will help you to promote your store.

Some marketing tactics are free but some of them cost you a little bit and they are worth it.

Get started With Writing

Get started With Writing

Yes, that’s right, it is one of the easiest ways to get started with. If you have set up your e-commerce store then start with putting content into it.

For instance, content is also the initial part of your store. In contrast, Google reads the content of your website.

Therefore, you have to be very specific about the content and write different content on each page so you don’t copy it because Google knows everything.

If you have industry-related knowledge then you can share your knowledge with your customers too.

Moreover, the quality content will help you to rank better on the search engine.

Getting started with WordPress Templates stores will help you to manage your content at a low cost.

Content is used for engaging your audience with your store. If your content is not good enough then you might lose your engagement and your ranking too.



One of the most important assets in digital online marketing. Whenever you make your eCommerce store you have to optimize it manually. And get your store ready for search engines.

Since Google is updating its guidelines regarding SEO, it has now become more subtle to do optimization of your website.

This means you have to keep updating your website from time to time with important content.

Every point of your content should be rich and nourished by SEO. people are starving for real information where the internet is filled with most of the wrong information.

If you have a Responsive Shopify theme then it will give you a wide area to promote your content on the internet and social media.

For SEO, it should be required to use specific Keywords or if you don’t have an idea about this term then you can simply conduct keyword research.

Give your website a good piece of content, specific keywords, and healthy SEO, and see your website grow.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Social media is the best thing that ever happened with e-commerce’s new marketing strategy.

Especially joining Facebook & Instagram, one of the most prominent Accessories Free PrestaShop Themes has exploited. Social media has its own position when it comes to marketing products on the platform.

For instance, every strategy or business will be marketed very specifically on the social media platform.

If you have a fashion-based store then you should go with Instagram because you will find better engagement there compared to Facebook.

If you are using a BigCommerce Themes store then you can directly sell your product on Instagram.

Conversely, you have to make your product image and description according to Instagram.

On the other hand, you can use Facebook for building the identity of your brand.

This means you have to join the community, create a bond with people, introduce them to your brand and take them to your store.

Optimizing Store According To Mobile Device

You are a small business right now and apart from the website you don’t have an application yet of your brand.

Therefore, you have to create your website in a way that looks convenient on every digital device and fits on the screen perfectly.

As a matter of fact, mobile users are dominating the numbers in the use of internet access from mobile devices.

Moreover, it’s important for you to give the best user experience to your mobile users.

If you are using Professional Website Design Templates then you will get what you’ve asked for.

It happens sometimes when you don’t optimize your website for mobile phone users and they will cruelly exit from your website.

In this user experience matters. People come to your shop for user experience first and then they buy products.

If you fail to leave a positive impression then you will lose your potential customer and targeted customer as well.

You make sure from every corner that you enhance your website UX and make it mobile-friendly.

Conclusion For Small Business

Starting any type of business demands lots of research and understanding of the industry. You can’t just step in without getting proper knowledge.

In the context of eCommerce Shopify Themes, it will never be that easy. Because there already are a lot of businesses available across the internet.

So what unique thing you are offering to the people? And why would people come to your store? Ask questions to yourself.

However, small businesses can have lots of advantages of starting from scratch and at least making themselves available so that people start to notice them.

If you have a small business then what kind of difficulties have you faced? Share with us so that we and fellow people who care about starting an eCommerce business can take inspiration from you.

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