The Latest Shopify landing page template mentioned below is multipurpose and fully compatible with multiple devices, browsers and plugins. However, you should consider that despite having numerous features, paid Shopify templates should always be your priority.

Let’s break this myth for you as we brought you one of the finest multipurpose free templates to use on Shopify. 

Ever heard the phrase, Good things come at a price? 

What are the Best free themes to use on Shopify?

1. Maximall Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Maximall Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Maximall Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme is one of the most widely used Shopify landing page templates. It provides several exclusive features, including revolution slider, WP Bakery, Page Builder, Mail Chimp, and Client Review. 

In this theme, a large variety of Google Web Fonts are integrate. In addition, they offer various typefaces to choose from while customising the theme.

This theme can provide an excellent look on almost every mobile phone, tablet or computer device.

It is highly suitable for electronic, vendor, and product-base shops to establish their online presence. 

It has built-in advanced features, the same as those available in even the most popular e-commerce websites.

This theme facilitates in-depth information about every product you want to showcase to the target population using multiple variables and attributes. 

As soon as the item is added to the cart, no need for refreshing and reloading would arise.

Key Features 

  • Availability of features of Social Sharing and Displaying Manufactures.
  • Multiple Widgets, as well as the Brand Slider feature, are also available.
  • Multiple Menus, including vertical, horizontal, sticky, and Dropdown menus, can be added.
  • Product Image Zooming, Layered navigation and Quick View product features are also available.

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2. Smart big Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Smart big Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Smart big Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme is a fully responsive one that can serve multiple purposes and cater to the needs of different businesses, including Electronics, Fashion, Auto, Décor, Gifts and Crafts, Furniture, Home Appliances, etc.

This theme is optimise for multiple screen resolutions and devices, including tablets, computers, mobile phones, etc. 

The design automatically gets adjust as the screen size change at every breakpoint. It also supports multiple languages.

Key Features

  • It supports multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • In addition, it has a fully responsive design, providing visitors with a better shopping experience.
  • The Quick view feature lets visitors easily view detailed product information via the pop-up menu. There exists no need to click and open the product page.

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3. Fruitser- The Organic Food Shopify Theme

Fruitser- The Organic Food Shopify Theme

Fruitser is one of the most stylish and unique Shopify themes, which is specially designed for use by stores and shops involved in the food industry, including ice creams, herbs, juice, meat, fruits, vegetables, cold drinks, etc. 

It comes with fully responsive, clean and elegant designs.

It also provides feature products, bestsellers, countdown timers for offers, testimonials, wish lists or compares, etc., to be add when require.

The Tab Product Slider as a feature allows displaying products by tab on the homepage. Unique products module and timer countdown help make offers and urge a maximum number of clients to make purchases within the specified time.

With the Search product by category feature, items can be search easily by categories, thereby saving time.

Key Features 

  • You can add the Cloud Zoom feature and Lightbox Effect to facilitate the customers’ deep look into the products.
  • Countdown and Pop-up features are available to urge the viewers to make purchases of things with the best offers.
  • Products can be sort into categories, making it easier and less time-consuming to surf through the products and decide which to purchase.

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4. Storetap- Electronics Shopify Theme

Storetap- Electronics Shopify Theme

The Storetap- Electronics Shopify theme is one of the Latest Shopify landing page templates chiefly dedicated to using by stores relating to electronic products, gadgets and digital items. The pages of this theme are well design as well as cross-browser compatible.

You can showcase the products category-wise. Discount offers with countdown timers can also be add. 

There exists no limitation on the number of products you can sell, accounts you can allow to be open, stock and categories you can keep.

Key Features 

  • It supports multiple currencies and multiple languages, making it useful for all types of users.
  • You can also create Discount offers and a Countdown timer to attract and urge visitors to make purchases.
  • Facilities to zoom in on the product, Compare and add the products to the wish list are available.

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5. Cartbloom Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

Cartbloom Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

The Cartbloom Multipurpose Responsive Shopify theme is known for its unique design and advanced features. These include Revolution Slider, WP Bakery Page Builder, Mail chimp and Client review feature.

This theme also provides and integrates various Google Web fonts, offering multiple varieties of typefaces. In addition, it provides easy customisation and control to the user.

Key Features 

  • It is fully responsive and retina ready and can serve multiple purposes for different businesses.
  • It also provides product sorting options and multiple widgets
  • This theme also offers Social sharing and one-click product Quickview features.

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6. Classio Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme

Classio Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme

Classio Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme is a user-friendly and fully responsive theme, compatible with all devices. It can also work on all web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. 

It is one of the most widely use Shopify templates in websites dedicate to fashion, apparel, boutique, studio, clothes, cosmetics, designer jewellery, etc.

Classio Fashion theme is one of the best choices for modern E-Commerce stores. This theme provides multiple homepage layouts that are too easily customisable. This theme also provides a much faster speed to enhance customers’ experience. 

No knowledge of HTML or coding is require to work with this theme. At the same time, it can make the site look good and professional with multiple colour combinations.

Key Features 

  • High-Quality Theme and Convenient Product View.
  • It also has an Auto Suggest Search feature and an Advanced, refined search design.
  • In addition, this theme provides unique product detail design and advanced typography options.

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Final Words!

These were the few Latest Shopify landing page template to help you harness your business smoothly.  

But, you must consider that these best Shopify landing page templates are free as of the moment we are writing this blog. If the price of Shopify, as mentioned above, theme changes during your reading of the blog, Webibazaar is not liable for any claims. 

Please stay connected with us for more interesting blogs from the world of website themes.

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