SEO requires Link Building Tools, it’s essential to rank a website. There have been changes in how it’s done over the years, but it remains as crucial as before. 

So, to make the process easy, people started link farming to do SEO.

Eventually, link farming had various flaws that led to google penalizing these sites. So now you cannot use link farming by adding many irrelevant links. 

Instead, what you can do is use building tools. We may think that tools are costly, but are they not worth the money?  

You may ask why you would have to do link building the hard way when an easy way like link farming is possible.

In addition, this is because people have to do it legitimately so that Google correctly ranks their site. 

However, you still have other easy ways like Link building tools

Even many SEO experts nowadays use ethical link-building ways.

Why won’t you? Building genuine backlinks for your site can significantly help SEO, but it can be difficult. 

You will require good Link building tools to complete this stressful task. Many tools focus on providing prospecting, outreach, and other link-building opportunities.   

Mainly these link-building tools provide help in accessing opportunities for link building.

However, researching these tools before using them may stop many of you due to the complication. 

So, In this particular post, we will tell you about the best Link building tools you can use without you having to do hours of research. 

Top 5 Best Link Building Tools To Help You Build Links

Ahrefs  – Link Building Tool

Ahrefs  - Link Building Tool

You will find an abundance of SEO and marketing tools on Ahrefs. Ahlers has multiple uses; you can use it for other things like end-to-end link development facilities. 

There are many features on Ahrefs that people like it for, such as bulk analysis to vet links. 

Ahrefs is one of the most used SEO Link building tools used by people. In addition, Ahrefs is best known for providing the best resources for backlink research. 

There are over 11 billion web pages of databases on the content explorer provided by Ahrefs. For any SEO expert, this database is like a gold mine.

It can be great for link prospects. Through this database, you can find potential links that you can link to. We can see multiple other tools provided by Ahrefs:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Research
  • Tracking

You will get to track the performance of each page through Ahrefs. Moreover, Ahrefs can analyze well-performing pages easily for you.

Therefore, the tracking will help you identify the working strategies through your well-performing pages.   


You can get some free features to use instead of discounts on Ahrefs. For example, people who are site owners can get free access to Ahrefs webmaster tools for a limited time. 

There are different plans which you can buy accordingly but, the price starts from $99 and goes up to $999.

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Many people may not see google as a Link building tool. However, it can be effective for link building.

Google has the best search algorithm with a vast amount of web pages. Therefore, thousands of relevant link prospects can be found on google. 

You can easily filter your search through a simple search command on google. In addition, the refinement of the searches you make on google will help you find the best links possible.

However, the Google index is vast, so finding the link prospects without proper command usage can be tricky. 


The best part of using google is that it’s free. However, you need to have some basic SEO knowledge to use it. 

SEMrush Link Building Tool

SEMrush - Link Building Tool

SEMrush is a powerful link-building tool with various other features.

Many People compare SEMrush to Ahrefs as arguably both provide almost the same services.

On SEMrush, you can do end-to-end link building, backlink analysis, link vetting with bulk analysis, and much more. 

You can get various other benefits, including link building on SEMrush. In addition, you can also use the SEMrush for other purposes such as Advertising, marketing on social media, content marketing, etc.

SEMrush can come in handy for link outreach and other link-building opportunities.

With the use of SEMrush, you can improve your online visibility and get helpful marketing insight. 

SEMrush is also known as an all-in-one tool that can offer various valuable services. Such as:

  • S.E.O
  • Keyword Research
  • P.P.C
  • P.R
  • S.M.M 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Competitive Research


Unlike Ahrefs, you can get a 7day free trial of SEMrush services. After the trial ends, subscription plans start from $99.95 per month, which you can purchase. 

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Linkody Link Building Tool

Linkody - Link Building Tool

Unlike any other tools, Linkody focus on providing link tracking and backlink analysis.

People use this simple tool to eliminate bad backlinks and analyze the backlink profile. However, you may not get many link-building opportunities and outreach to build links.

Instead, you can use the Linkody tool to get a user-friendly link tracker. Many people suggest Linkody for those who are new to SEO.

There are features like Top Pages that most people like as it’s helpful to identify the pages with the most links. 


LInkody is one of the cheapest tools whose pricing starts from $14 to $139 per month. You can even get a free trial of 30 days without providing any details of your credit card. 

Buzzstream Link Building Tool

Buzzstream - Link Building Tool

Buzzstream is a well-known tool used for email outreach. Sending a few emails can be easily done through Gmail, but if you have a bulk of emails, you would want Buzzstream.

It can increase your speed and save up a reasonable amount of time. 

On Buzzstream, you can manage, personalize, track, and organize the emails you send in one palace. 

The Most liked feature of Buzzstream is that; you can easily assign tasks to other users by adding them to your account. You can even import the CSV from Ahrefs. 

The best thing is that you can assign tasks to your team by adding them to your account. Buzzstream also has a chrome extension that you can use for easy use.

Buzzstream can help find contact details and add prospects to the campaigns. 


The pricing of Buzzstream starts from $24 and goes up to $999 per month. 

It would be best to do link building with the tools that provide better results, are reliable, and offers enhanced performance. 

Paying even a small amount when they don’t offer results is not worth it. There are many Link building tools other than these few top ones you can try out. 

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FAQs – Best Link Building Tools

Is link building still functional?

Link building is one of the most effective ways to improve your visibility on the internet. Hence, it’s still helpful and necessary to do while doing SEO.

What is the Cost of Link Building tools?

The average link-building tool pricing can range from $20 to $999. But, of course, you can cut this cost by traditionally doing link building through Google. 

Is there any free link-building tool?

There are many tools that you can use for their free trial periods. However, there are not many free Link building tools that you can use other than Google.

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