It goes without saying that WordPress dominates the website building industry single-handedly.

Due to numerous WordPress website designs, WordPress website themes, eye-catching designs, innovative features, and smooth functioning, more than 70 percent of the websites are made using WordPress.

If you want an increase in enterprise reach quickly, you should create a WordPress websites for your business as it will significantly increase your online growth.      

But a copious number of compelling WordPress website themes, WordPress tutorials, and WordPress blogs. Can put you in a state of dilemma.

How to create one of the best WordPress websites from the gigantic combinations. WordPress website examples catapult your business growth engage users with your brand and website. 

If we observe the best-performing websites, we can figure out the secret recipe for success. 

Of course, you might get an easel misled by thinking that the use of several plugins will do the trick for you, but that’s undoubtedly not the case. 

The exactly secret recipe to make your WordPress website a successful

To understand the real reason behind the success of the top WordPress websites, we need to throw some light on two unique personality traits. 

  • Decliners: The websites that fall under the category of decliners showcased a drastic decline in user traffic by more than 50% in a short span of one year.
  • Rocketships: The Rocketships websites are those whose growth skyrocketed significantly in less than a year. A website falls under the category of the Rocketship if it initiated with a small reach of less than 1000 in a month and now has monthly traffic of somewhere between 1 lakh to 5 lakhs. 

It can be observed that the rocketship websites were considerably more operated and updated than the decliners. The average activity of rocketships was 168% more than the decliners in terms of across page crafting, consistent updates, and post creations. 

Therefore, it is unquestionable that WordPress websites with higher traffic was update and manage regularly. 

Install WordPress on localhost using Xampp

So how to make your WordPress websites a super-strong Rocketship? 

Content is the Key 

It is undeniable that consistently posting your brand-relevant content, which is informative, crisp, and attractive by thinking of it by being in the reader’s shoes, is a definite key to success. 

You need to work with a well-planned strategy and proper management for publishing your content.

Therefore, it would be best to create an editorial calendar for yourself as it will help you plan your work and help. You manage your work-life balance, and coordinate your schedule according to recent trends and search engine optimization. 

Consistency is not about posting every day. It meets the deadlines of the posts you decide to post in a specific period.

However, if we focus on the frequency of posts in a week, then three might be the magical number for your monetize WordPress website

Moreover, posting content consistently after a specific period will create a curiosity in the minds. Of your users to revisit your WordPress website at regular intervals. 

An additional help might do the trick for you

Plug-ins act as a catalyst to make your website customizable and highly responsive.

Moreover, Plugins enable you to add several other features and functions such as contact forms, enhanced security, and better design, making your website more SEO friendly.

Also, due to easy access and better user experience highly responsive website is more likely to be rank on the top of google searches.  

We can observe similar trends between rocketships and decliners, as observed in activity differences. Top-performing rocketship websites have applied 19 percent more website themes than the decliners. 

The switch can be consistent experimentation and efforts of rocketship WordPress websites to find the best possible WordPress theme for blogs their brand. 

Indeed Speed is the Need 

In this ever-fast growing world where digital revolutionization and technological advancements have made people super hasty.

You might lose many customers if your website performs delayed functions even by a single second. 

Often we shift to the following website if one is taking too long to respond. Therefore, speed becomes an indispensable part of WordPress website.

Success to standing apart from the fierce competition.

You might be shock by the fact that a single-second delay reduces. An average of 8% engagement and a 12% decrease in website visits.

Therefore, it would be best if your loading time was 2 seconds.  

You can boost the speed by removing irrelevant data, inactive plugins, and posting smaller images. As they will free the website from heavy loads resulting in better performance and speed. 

Change is the only Constant 

The ultimate ingredient of the secret success recipe of your website is making constant changes. Such as regular up-gradation of your website adding new pages. With relevant content which is search engine optimize and highly engaging. 

A solid maintenance system of your website acts as a lethal weapon to tackle. All the complications and technical errors your website might face.

Furthermore, adding new WordPress plugins for additional features according to the latest trends can influence your website performance significantly.

Eventually, creating a WordPress blog section is a considerable option to publish regular content related to your industry.

Now Buckle up to take off 

You are well acquaint with the necessary things you need to do. To make the best WordPress website for your business.

However, it is highly recommended to take the help of a WordPress website designer or a WordPress website design company to build a captivating website.

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