Eyeing to make big money online but worried about how to do so? No worries, as WordPress is there for your help. One of the most popular open-source site-building and content management websites available online. 

It is also free for everyone to build and develop their websites. It is to note that more than 40% of websites all over the internet have been built using WordPress.

This free and open-source software has been used by all ranging from small bloggers to large corporations as it allows them to establish their online presence and at the same time earn money online.

If you are also one such individual eyeing to make money with WordPress themes, the following article may be of great help.

In the following article, we will bring the best ways of making money online through WordPress Themes.

Best Ways to make money online with WordPress?

Whatever might be the goals for coming up with a website, using WordPress for building a website can surely open many doors to earning money online in the global marketplace.

The reason behind WordPress being lucrative when it comes to making money online is that more than seventy percent of the total websites available on the internet are create using WordPress. 

Therefore, all you need to do is select a few ways which suits your skill sets. Invest your time on it and boom you are all set to earn hefty sum of earn money from WordPress blog

The following are some of the significant ways in which money can be made online using WordPress:

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Monetizing Content through Advertisement

It is one of the most popular and most accessible methods of earning money online through WordPress. Displaying advertisements sponsored by various brands and businesses on your WordPress website can be a great way of earning money online.

Without discontinuing whatever you are doing on your website, you have to display ads and earn side money.

Putting advertisements on the website is generally earned based on Pay Per Click (PPC). Meaning that every time someone clicks on the ad, you will get paid.

Google AdSense is much helpful tool in doing so, as it places the relevant ads on the website. And you have to paste some code at the place you want the ad to show up.


WordPress websites are also helpful in creating online marketplaces. For selling various products to prospective customers online and thereby involved in E-Commerce.

The products sold in such an e-marketplace may range from T-shirts, electronic items, apparel, books, etc.

You can make such a website where a wide variety of products can be order online. By searching and surfing through the different categories list in the drop-down menus on the home page.

Without any investments in warehousing and showcasing. A large variety of products can be made available at single clicks for the customers. Therefore, it can give a high boost to the sales and money generation for an individual.

Offering Courses

If you have any special skills to share with the world, you can also create courses or tutorials and post them on the site created using WordPress.

You can sell these courses in downloadable form or subscriptions and memberships.

Also, You can also promote your courses among the target population, and once it becomes a popular choice. You can earn a large amount of money through selling them and their subscriptions.

Offering Services Online

Another popular way of making money online through WordPress is by providing various services online and meeting clients’ needs.

You can even create a ‘Hire Me’ page on your website showcasing your skills, achievements, past works, and experience there.

Secondly, You can work as a freelancer and earn money by offering your skills and expertise. You can also start your consultation websites for providing consultation and pieces of advice to your clients and earn from that.

You can also provide education, web and graphic designing, etc., through a website built using WordPress.

Become WordPress Designer or Developer

If you are good at working with WordPress as a whole, even that can help you make a lot of money. There is a massive demand for such WordPress developers for building and designing new websites using WordPress.

They are also in demand for creating new WordPress plugins, themes, and graphics for further use in developing websites using WordPress.

As a WordPress Developer, you can use your skills. To build new and attractive websites for your clients as per their needs.

Not everybody has complete knowledge of working with WordPress. Being a hire experienced WordPress developer may help you make money with WordPress.

The plugins in WordPress help extend and modify the features of WordPress websites. And as such, you can develop new WordPress plugins and sell them.

You can also create new themes and graphics for WordPress website designing. Which you can sell to the clients who are willing to buy them or at whose instance you have developed them.


Don’t worry that you cannot earn through WordPress. If you do not know to code, develop, or use WordPress as it is much easier to use than you think. In addition, there are endless opportunities for making money by using WordPress, some of which are discuss above.

It would help if you have the proper guidance regarding how to make money online using WordPress. The above article provides that guidance by outlining some of the best ways in which you can monetize WordPress website.