There is absolutely nothing to be said about the online presence of your clothing store. Your clothing business does require an attention-seeking website for both online and offline sales.  In fact, the site has to be easily navigational offering an excellent user experience too. There are in fact a lot of WooCommerce Clothing store themes available for selection, but the task of choosing the best one from the numerous themes is a difficult job.

However, we have lined up the top Clothing store themes that you can make use of to develop an incredible website for your cloth store. 

Top WooCommerce Clothing Store Themes



If you plan to set up a simple yet elegant online clothing store, WonCep shall be the best pick. This is indeed one of the best eCommerce clothing store themes that many people prefer using.

One of the main reasons is the website development speed. Yes, the easily customizable templates help you create an online store in a quick time. Moreover, the website shall be responsive and highly attractive too. The design being simple, the business owners prefer this theme for its massive loading speed.

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This is highly preferred by kids’ clothing business owners. The appealing design and fast loading speed make it the best choice for your business too. The appearance of the templates is pretty playful making them highly suitable for baby collections.

The SEO-friendly WooCommerce clothing store theme makes your website high ranking most of the time. The lucid interface to make the changes in the website makes it developer-friendly too.

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Moren is a stunning eCommerce theme that you can use to create a delectable website. The fast-moving web theme is mainly since the website created using Moren shall be visually attractive.

More importantly, the navigational features make it highly user-friendly too. The theme is named for its stylish design and if you are planning to set up a women’s clothing online boutique, Moren shall never miss your choice.

You can create dazzling features to make the user stay engaged in the website for a long time. Yes, this theme is mobile-friendly making it one of the themes that are highly responsive as well.

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GoodStore for WooCommerce Clothing store


This is an excellent eCommerce website theme that is opted for by professional clothing companies. The theme has video tutorials and we recommend you go through the tutorials to develop the website of your choice.

Majorly because its features are hidden and can add massive value to your website. The support forum helps users in 14 different languages too. The 22 different page layouts leave you amazed as you start developing the website.

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This is by far the most popular website theme that is available for you to develop an online clothing store. With more than 3 lakh downloads to date, Shopkeeper is easy to develop and generates a lot of leads in a short time.

The customization features are incredible and you can edit the templates as per your requirements. The real-time edit viewing feature makes it more complete than many of the WordPress themes available right now.

The website theme also comes with three blog columns and the theme itself is upgraded at regular intervals. A highly responsive web theme, that is faster on mobile devices.

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Kapee is the most flexible theme available so far in the list. It has 12 home page layouts and that is enough for you to know the flexibility of creation. The website shall have a decent loading speed and is responsive too.

The visually attractive designs make it a stunning theme for the viewers. The customer experience is nonchalant too. The easy checkout options for the customers shall be delightful and the product loading speed is fabulous as well.

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Display the clothes in the best way using Fashow. As the name indicates, you can create a new shopping trend and display the clothes in the best way possible for the customers to view and purchase.

The designs are elegant and attractive. One can develop a website without the need for a technical guy. The website shall be fast loading and this is mainly because of its minimalistic design feature. If your website needs better web traffic, the SEO-friendly theme shall help you accomplish that with no fret.

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This is more of a portfolio-type website theme that shall help display your clothes in an immaculate fashion. The theme comes with 90 demos. That means to say, you have numerous options to create your website that can be visually attractive and highly responsive.

The need for a techie is not need as the page builder and other customization features are make easy. Ideally, this web theme is design and develop keeping just one aspect in mind; speed.

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This is fairly a new website theme available right now. The sleek design and excellent interface make it the best WordPress theme right now. This is the best theme for mobile devices. In fact, it loads faster on the mobile phone than on the desktop.

Having say that, the speed is still not compromise in the computers too. The product portfolio and the price tag information are make easy for the users to see and select.

More importantly, the easy navigational aspect makes it user-friendly too. The SEO-friendly Website theme and the fast loading feature make it the most sought-after website theme on the list.

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This is the coolest of themes that you have seen so far. The stunning designs and easy interface makes it the best pick as well. The users can easily purchase the products as it is connect to Instagram.

The 14 header styles and the testimonial section give the best customer experience for every user. NexioFashion is the most popular WooCommerce theme for clothing stores as it can be built in quick time. It is up to you to create a minimal design or the one with maximum designs.

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