Any business must have a delectable website to increase the customer base. Most importantly, with the businesses turning towards direct to customer model, it is inevitable that you have a highly responsive website.

At the same time, being a creative professional call for portfolio Website Templates. A simple yet elegant website with all required features available in the first go must be up and running to establish your brand.

Ideally, as a creative artist or a professional, it is required of you to showcase your talent and skill at the very first sight of your website. This is highly possible with best WordPress portfolio themes.

There are indeed numerous such themes and might be a challenge to select one from the many. However, we have got that easy for you now.

Read the article further and we have listed 5+ themes for your requirements. You can choose one among them based on your requirements. 

Top WordPress Portfolio Themes for Your Business



If you are looking for a free WordPress Portfolio theme that does not require you to be a techie to set up the website, then Sydney must be your right pick.

It is considered an excellent choice for the responsive features the website shall display as put in use.

A very simple interface with categorized front page blocks. You can use these blocks to add pictures and creative content to the home page.

The very first impression shall be immaculate as you build your website using this theme. Sydney is a translation ready theme.

Meaning, you can showcase your talent and skills to people from most parts of the world as the translation files are ready at the backend.

People can choose their language to read the contents available if they do not know English too. 

The dynamic slider available on the website can help the user move to the next pages with great ease.

Integrating your website into the social media platforms is also possible using Sydney. As such, you may need several plugins to do so in other themes. 

Sydney is the lightest and fast loading website that you can create for your business purposes.

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Airi is a minimalistic WordPress portfolio theme and can be used to create Portfolio websites with maximum ease.

Creating the website is pretty easy and the customization is easy too. This is made possible with the help of the Full Elementor integration to the theme.

You can, in fact, customize the page layouts as per your requirement too. If you are planning to set up an eCommerce store along with the portfolio website, Airi can help you with that. As the theme as WooCommerce integration available for you.

That means to say, you have a website and an eCommerce store set up in the first go itself. WebiBazaar has many such themes which can be used to develop a comprehensive website.

The minimal requirement of technical knowledge and a lot of creative thoughts to build a flamboyant website is possible with Airi. 

This WordPress portfolio themes is considered the best for its customization options. You can change the colour, the background image and also the fonts based on your preference.

Though the theme might look simple to use, it is recommended to go through the demo videos to learn the art of operation. Similar to Sydney, Airi is also a translation ready website theme for you to use and relish. 

Airi is a powerful portfolio theme that shall help you create delectable websites in quick time. It has numerous customization option that makes it far ahead of any other theme in this category.

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Emmet Lite


Emmet lite must be your pick if you are planning to develop a professional website for your company. Of course yes, it is a portfolio theme and has incredible designs to make the website look highly engaging.

Professionals recommend this theme for its clean and simple look. Yet, it has a lot of options for the users to navigate and see for themselves. The theme has an inbuilt customizer and has a page builder too.

You can make your own website without even touching any code. If you are a beginner and would like to develop a fabulous portfolio type website, Emmet Lite must be your first choice.

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Further, being a professional, this theme shall make your life easy in creating your website pretty soon.

Like Airi, Emmet lite also has the option to set up an eCommerce store. This has the WooCommerce Plugin available for you to use. 

As you download the theme, custom colours and menus are provided. You can make use of them to create a highly customized website.

If your brand requires a certain set of colours to be used, Emmet Lite is flexible enough to meet your requirements.

The theme also has a Blog Column that helps other users to post their articles too. Moreover, the new blogs are highlight on the home page too. 

Emmet Lite is know for its simplicity and elegance. You can use this theme to enjoy the flexibility the theme has while developing the website too.

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This is a minimal WordPress portfolio themes that can help showcase all the relevant information with utmost clarity. The design is seamless which makes the users navigate the webpage pretty easily.

Also, the responsiveness of the website seeks customer attention too. The homepage has well-categorize blocks which can use for portraying pictures and designs.

The layout is make in such a way that you can display your past work too. The theme also has a provision to display customer testimonials. Neve is AMP ready. Meaning, the blog posts look amazing on mobile phones as well.

Like any other portfolio theme that we saw till now, Neve is also highly customizable. You can change colours, fonts and the background image without much effort. 

If you are planning to choose Neve over the other, there is one distinction that shall help you make the decision; the website that you create can load super fast.

Further, the blog booster features shall help boost the blogs and thereby increase the web traffic too.

Neve sets the tone for website boost and if your business needs it, then go for it. 

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This is a free theme from WordPress portfolio themes that can be used if you are planning to build a website with more pictures in it.

Ideally, this is consider the best by the professionals who are in the field of photography. You have numerous options to post the pictures and customize the look as you like. 

If you want to display the pictures or your work from the past, Photomania shall help you display it with great style.

The background and the colours are customizable and you can change them to set the theme for your website too. Like few other themes here, you can also change the fonts too. 

The blog area is available and you can set a customized picture for every blog too. The theme has a footer area that can be use to feature the social media platform buttons and can also list down recent events. 

Photomania is for visual artists to portray their skills and talents in one go.

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Astra is build for loading the website in a quick time. It is the fastest website theme and can help you create a delectable website with minimal effort too. Make use of the demo versions to learn from them.

This might help you from getting stuck in between during the developmental phase. Astra has the best home page layout.

You can showcase your talent and skills on the homepage itself. The well-organized blocks let you do that and have maximum clarity in the displayed content too. 

The features like testimonials and reviews can be make available on the website too. Astra is also compatible with Elementor making it customizable too.

Astra is know for its customization and one can change the fonts, colours and background image in a snap.

The theme has popular WordPress plugins available for use. Some of those are WooCommerce, Yoast and LearnDash. 

You can indeed improve the search engine ranking by using Astra and that’s one of the reasons experts recommend it. 

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This is the quickest way to create your website. No doubt, Astrid shall help you create stunning websites. Webibazaar recommends the usage of Astrid for several reasons. One, the theme is free.

Two, you can create highly responsive websites in less time. Lastly, Astrid helps you create an excellent yet simple looking website for your business purposes.

The blog assists help in increasing the search engine ranking too. The widgets are also customize and you can experience the drag and drop option too.

The header of this theme is attractive as you can add HD pictures to it to make your website look vibrant too. This is translation ready and it is customize for mobile versions too. 

Astrid helps in enhancing the brand image. The footer helps you to place the logo or the name of the company a lot better way than any of the other themes in this article.

The theme has quick animations that you can make use of too.

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