While we talk about trends, decoration, and incredible designs, there are a set of themes that are purely made to allow your website to look simple yet elegant. In fact, the primary aim of such minimalistic themes is to bring about rapid site loading speed and informative content on the website. Thus, the new age users, as well as contemporary businesses, are inclined to use the WordPress minimalist themes these days. There are indeed numerous such themes and we shall help you select the right one for your business too. 

Of course, flashy designs and colorful websites are required to seek user attention, but a more functional and content-oriented website is all the more necessary too.

There are many features on the website that allows the loading speed to be slower than usual. Let us understand, that many times the loading speed determines customer engagement too.

Excellent WordPress Minimalist Themes for your website

Monochrome Pro


As the name implies, it is just a monochrome. That means to say, it highly focuses on the content and the theme of the website shall revolve around the content alone. One must also accept the fact that this lightweight theme has excellent customization features too. 

You can download the theme and it has an automatic set-up feature that lessens your effort during initial installation. Further, you will also receive sample demo content while you set up the theme for the first time. Also, you shall get the required plugins that can be used on your website too. 

The theme customizing option is facilitated by the customizer. You can change the color and the background pretty easily. You can make changes and it can be seen in real-time using the preview option too. This reduces the development time as you can make changes accordingly and see the output instantly. 

If you are planning to set up an online store, Monochrome Pro has WooCommerce theme integration available as well. You can also add sales notifications and it becomes a complete website for an eCommerce store too.

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Gallery Pro

gallery pro

Gallery Pro is an outstanding theme for any business. It is indeed a minimalistic theme but has a wide range of customization options too. The eclectic typography and incredible features make Gallery pro the best pick by most professionals.

The widget areas in the website are highly flexible thus making it an excellent option for creating your website. As with Monochrome Pro, you also have a preview option to see the changes made.

You can keep it or alter the website if you are not satisfied with the output. Gallery pro has multi-page options and the theme has options to create multiple pages with ease. It has premade templates for other pages too. 

As with other WordPress minimalist themes, Gallery pro has customization options, that include a background image, colours, and fonts. Many beginners prefer this theme for its easy-to-use features. Further, the theme is lightweight and with the minimal website features, you can set up the site in no time.

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This is the simplest of all the WordPress themes. Not only to create but also the user experience shall be seamless and highly engaging. Kalium is named for the highly functional features that your website requires most of the time.

You have 11 demonstration templates to choose from. That means to say, you can select your webpage template with varied options. The templates have many aspects imbibed. 

If you are planning to make a portfolio website, Kalium can help you with that too. At the same time, if you are looking to create a highly professional website with blog options, this must be the right option too. The best part is, that creating a website is never been easy like this. 

The theme has 800+ Google fonts and other customization options too. The visual composer design makes the website colourful too. You can build the designs as per your requirement and Kalium is flexible to accommodate any such factors too.

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This is a modern and one-page theme that helps you create a webpage in a quick time. If you want a website to be launched in less than an hour, Hestia is of great help. The theme is preferred by many businesses of any niche. If you are planning to build a high-performance website, then Hestia shall help you create one.

In fact, the speed with which the website loads is simply incredible. Also, set up an online store as the theme is WooCommerce ready too. With tons of customization options, the theme comes with an inbuilt page builder too. 

Hestia comes with starter sites and you can learn to use the theme very quickly. Minimalistic designs and focus are more on the content side. So, it is recommended to be ready with the content to create the website without any hassle.

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Elegant WordPress Themes

This is a completely bloat-free website theme that can help create a website for any industry. Being minimalist WordPress themes, Elegant has design options too. In spite of such presence, the website shall have a very good performance, in terms of loading speed too. 

Elegant has the option to set up a portfolio website with maximum visuals. The visual builder in the theme helps create an incredible website that shall definitely seek the audience’s attention.

Make your website eCommerce ready with Elegant. It has the WooCommerce integration available and you can set up an online store as easily as you create the website too.

Similar to other minimalist WordPress themes, Elegant also has Page templates for you to use. You can also customize the templates as per your requirement by using simple drag and drop options.



This is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create a website right from the scratch. The drag and drop option helps you to create the website blocks as well. You can, in fact, create any type of layout for your website.

Unlike the other themes, Divi offers the flexibility to create your own web layout. Thanks to the dragging and drop builder available in the theme. 

You have WordPress support available for this theme. The drag-and-drop visual builder makes the theme an easy-to-use one as well. Further, you can create the web template and save the same for future use too.

The excellent part is, though you have the option to create the page layout for your website, Divi has 20 pre-made page templates available too.

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If you are looking for lightning-fast performance and loading speed, then Astra must be the right choice. It is also a multipurpose theme that has numerous features to make your website look elegant. It has factors that claim to say a minimalist WordPress theme, but can also be used to create more decorative websites. However, the speed is not compromised in either of the cases.

Any business would want to create a website in a quick time. Astra can help you in this regard. Not only that you can create a website in a quick time, but you can make a professional website at the same time too. If you are a beginner and looking to set up an eCommerce site, Astra is a blind pick.

The website templates are designed to give a one-click set-up option. This makes the creation of the website in quick time. Of course, the theme is customizable and you can make the website ready for eCommerce operations within minutes.

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One must say, websites created using OceanWP has the same performance as those created using Astra. The only difference is, that Astra can be operated even by a beginner, while OceanWP requires a bit of technical knowledge. Of course, the theme has numerous page builders that allow you to customize the website depending upon your choice. 

OceanWP helps create a highly responsive website and has many functionalities that can be set up in a day. That means to say, you can decide today and get it implemented in quick succession. The unlimited colour schemes and other customization options make OceanWP the best one on the list.

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The minimalist themes or having an indispensable role to play.

The things that attract customers’ attention include the colourful websites and the flashy designs.

But the marginal role is played by the high-quality content to make the website appears elegant and simple.

Especially for the businesses, it is vital to go for the appropriate selection of the teams.

It can be done by working on specific criteria, such as increasing the loading speed, using the best designs, and more.

The information mentioned earlier regarding minimalist themes helps the users know the right one for them.