It is observe that most beginners who are looking to create a website have a challenge in selecting the right WordPress video themes.

Especially with numerous themes with a variety of features, the task of zeroing down to a theme is indeed a tough task.

Further, WordPress video Themes are of prime importance in creating a massive online presence too. 

Digital Marketing has evolved in different aspects in recent times. With text-based marketing taking a sideline, video marketing strategies have taken the lead.

Statistics confirm that the average user watched video content worth 60 minutes daily. This is a staggering number to ponder to develop your online presence as well as the brand establishment.

Further, incorporating video into your website shall be of critical importance as it stands as the base for the users to understand your brand, your product, or the service. 

Webibazaar helps in hosting the incredible Multistore-WordPress Themes websites at a minimal cost. In fact, they help in choosing the appropriate domain name as well.

While this convenience is available for you over a call, you must also be aware of the best theme that you require to create an attention-seeking website.

We have listed down the top WordPress video templates that you can use to select from. These website themes are liste using different preference levels for the various business niches.

However, we recommend you go through the next column to know the factors used to select the theme for your requirements. 

Best WordPress Video Themes are Mentions

1. Pelicula – Video Production and Movie Theme

Pelicula - Video Production and Movie Theme

This is a movie WordPress theme. If you are looking for numerous options in templates for creating the website, then Pelicula must be your choice.

You also have 10 different demos. In fact, Pelicula has a ‘Coming soon’ template too. That means to say, you can create a temporary website before you could create a comprehensive one. 

Further Pelicula is known for its high-quality display of video content for your website. The gallery template also might interest you as you can display the snapshot of the video. Pelicula is indeed a versatile theme with good load speed. 

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2. Vlog – Video Blog & Podcast WordPress Theme

Vlog - Video Blog & Podcast WordPress Theme

This is an out-and-out video content theme that can be used to create a video galore. If you are planning to start a Vlog or a video magazine-type website, then Vlog must be your pic.

There is indeed no place for evasive text-based content to be available, but the video blocks are excellent and give maximum clarity to the content available to the users as well. You can also get the website done in a short time.

Thanks to the demos. If you are a solo Vlogger, you can still make use of this theme. 

You can promote a product or a service with various videos. The best part is, that you can choose any demo from the theme and still, you can upload the video in a snap.

Even if you are uploading from Vimeo or YouTube, you still can upload it directly to the website.

Vlog has the option for the users to save the video for later types too. You can also watch the videos full screen or in movie mode too. 

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3. VideoBox


VideoBox can be used by different businesses to make a video-based website. You can be a Vlogger or a business owner of a real estate company, you can use Videobox to create a delectable website with a series of videos.

The load time is amazing and Videobox is named for its lightweight as well as faster loading experience. The theme automatically generates the thumbnails for the videos too. 

Videobox has the versatility to import videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and many other platforms. You are also allowed to create a video and save the file to your system to upload it to the website too. 

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4. Oshine


This is a multipurpose website that can be used to create a portfolio-type website. However, this is an amazing theme for the video-based website too.

The 48 different demos help you select the one that you are looking for. Also, shifting from one theme to another is pretty easy with this.

The customizer option from WordPress allows you to edit almost everything on the website. Also, a real-time view of the changes is possible too. 

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5. Betube Video WordPress Theme

Betube Video WordPress Theme

This is a flexible theme where you can share videos on your website too. Not an out-and-out video-based website theme, but for the ones who would like to bring a combination of text and videos, this is the best pick.

The theme has 10 different home page options. The demos help you install the website with just one click. 

One aspect is commendable with Berube. And that is the easy signup option for the users to share their videos to your website.

This theme can be use as a video-sharing website and can be use to create a community using this site. 

The top options to create a video-based website are give. All you need to do is, choose one from them and start creating the website.

Of course, shifting from theme to theme is recommended, but choose in the first few days so that you might not have the difficulty later after the website elements are added. 

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Top Factors To Consider While Selecting WordPress Video Themes

You must be careful while selecting the theme for your website. WordPress has several themes catering to different industries, like an eCommerce store

Further, while you select the video theme, you must be a lot more careful as the more complex the theme is, the more time it takes for the user to get it loaded on the browser.

Take a look at the significant factors used to select the video theme for your website. 

Simple and Minimal:

Now, this is a major factor you must consider while selecting the theme. Understand, that the goal of a website is to get more subscribers and develop the customer base.

If the website is more complex, the loading time of the same shall be more. This shall make the customer get frustrate soon and abandon it soon.

Select the theme that has simple presentation styles. Of course, you may look for a more colorful option, but most of your websites do not need such complex designs that hamper the loading speed. Achieve the goal by choosing a lightweight theme.


This is definitely not optional. You must select a theme that can adjust itself to different screen sizes. Highly responsive website themes help you to get this done.

With maximum users using mobile devices, your website must be mobile compatible too. So, select the theme that is responsive and not rigid.

Browser Compatibility:

To make your website ready for both desktop and mobile devices, you must also choose a theme that is compatible with all the web browsers.

You are looking to cater to the needs of all the customers, so getting into the arena of complete compatibility shall give you desired results. 

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WordPress website creation solely depends on Plugins. You must have delectable features on your website and such features are enable only using the plugins.

Remember, has 580000 and more plugins and this is apart from numerous plugins that are available on third-party websites.

Your theme must be compatible with prime plugins that shall help in creating a website with comprehensive features.

Further, if you are looking to set up an online store, you must lookout for a theme that is readily compatible with WooCommerce themes

Make the Website Multilingual Ready:

Especially, if you are catering to a global audience, this feature is a must. The website must readily get translate with the user’s choice of language.

This shall help you in reaching out to the mass pretty easily. Of course, WordPress supports English readily, but for different language options, you must choose the one that has a multi–lingual feature.

Theme with Support Option:

Now, this is a primary requirement if you are tech-illiterate and looking to create a website on your own. Unfortunately, not many themes are given supporte by WordPress.

Especially, the free themes do not have the option at all. However, WordPress hosting services like Webibazaar shall help you in this regard. Of course, you need a web developer in cases where you are stuck or create a mess out of the theme.

So, select the themes that offer support. There are options where you may get email support for 1 year. Of course, some themes have support documentation available too. 

SEO Friendly Themes:

Creating your website is on the one side, and promoting the same is on the other.

You need a theme that boosts the online presence of your website by being SEO friendly. This can cut down on your digital marketing costs too. Further, an increase in web traffic ensures a lot of customer conversion too. 

Now that we have seen the factors that need to be considered, let us see the top WordPress Video themes that shall help you create a captivating website for your business.

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