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OpenCart template, Opencart Electronics Template, MultiPurpose OpenCart template, mininal OpenCart Template 03/03/2020

Shopking Free Opencart 3 Multipurpose Responsive Theme

OpenCart template, Opencart Electronics Template, MultiPurpose template, minimal OpenCart Template, shopking-3.0-opencart-multipurpose-responsive-theme 05/01/2019

Fashion Free OpenCart 3 MultiPurpose Responsive Theme

opencart clothing theme, OpenCart template, Opencart Fashion Template, MultiPurpose template, minimal OpenCart Template, fashion-3.0.X-opencart-multipurpose-responsive-theme 15/06/2021
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Opencart Free Themes

Opencart Free Themes

OpenCart is a highly eCommerce customizable open-source platform and Opencart does not take any monthly fees.

It has a complete robust administrator and website admin dashboard that gives you a great at-a-glance view of very important metrics like order, customer, sales, graph and much more for your Restaurant, Grocery Store, Jewellery, Electronics, Mobile Business website.

OpenCart also has complete multi-store eCommerce website support that lets you stay on top of Opencart different stores from a single eCommerce interface.

This eCommerce functionality lets you set website products for different website stores, use specific eCommerce Opencart themes for each online eCommerce store and localise your opencart websites.

Different Product adding options and complete attributes are also quite Product flexible with OpenCart, and the eCommerce solution lets you add extra product variables.

And just like most eCommerce Website platforms, OpenCart is completely customizable and robust and extendable.

It has more than 15,00 modules and eCommerce themes that you can use to truly make your site your own eCommerce.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Opencart Advantages

1. Light and fast complete because it doesn't have complete unnecessary eCommerce features

2. Easy to demo install and customization

3. Simple user eCommerce interface makes it easy for complete admin to learn things quickly without any technical team help.

4. Opencart Modules and Opencart themes are less expensive and you can easily buy from any marketplace here.

5. Issue website debugging is also comparatively very easy here and development is less costlier.

Opencart Disadvantages

1. It is not fully SEO eCommerce friendly, you need to buy a paid eCommerce SEO module to change the URL for website information, website account and other useful eCommerce pages.

2. It doesn't have a good Cache management system, if you want to use it then you need to buy a paid module again.

3. It is not very suitable for very large scale eCommerce businesses and not even very much recommended for medium size eCommerce businesses because with time when business eCommerce grows, it becomes difficult to make things work smoothly.

4. It's website forum is not very helpful when you face some serious issue, they don't approve any replies instantly so people have to long wait to get help from others in the forum.

5. In eCommerce number products, eCommerce websites become very slow and need tweaks so that eCommerce websites can load very fast.

Why I choose opencart

Open-cart is one of the best complete eCommerce websites for startup beginners to start with,

The reasons are:-

It has so many Modules and Themes- Why you need to develop modules, There are a thousand modules and themes already ready to use.

You can download any themes from the marketplace like Themeforest, TemplateMonster, Webibazaar, TemplateTrip, Webvolty.

Easy to understand- The eCommerce opencart language used for things like Html, CSS, Php are very complete, simple and very easy for any individual to understand.

Development very Easy: As eCommerce opencart is based on a complete Model View Controller(MVC), it's easy to customize and website developer extensions if you know MySQL and Php.

It's easy to use - Similar to eCommerce Shopify and eCommerce PrestaShop, opencart has a friendly administrative dashboard. If you download eCommerce Opencart 3.0 it's very easy for you to website handle on it mobile, desktop and tablet.

Use eCommerce templates- suppose you want to save your important time or you are lazy enough to make a new eCommerce template for your website, you can take advantage of eCommerce opencart as its providing us with so many built website templates for us.

Download Free OpenCart Themes

Opencart Free Multipurpose Opencart Themes

ShopNow - Free Opencart Theme: This free responsive theme has a simple and clean layout. Also, the ShopNow OpenCart theme is easy to use. You don’t have coding experience then it’s alright. You can insert all types of products like clothes, accessories, jewellery, toys, kitchen utensils, car, electronics, mobiles, apparel, etc. 

Opencart Electronics Multipurpose Free Opencart Themes

Shoppio - Free Opencart Theme: Shoppio is the latest free OpenCart theme that gives you all enough features which have to be on your website. This template provides you multi types of menu creation like a sticky menu, custom menu, horizontal menu, vertical menu and mega menu.

You can also change the color of the template. This template support multi-language translation and multi-currency translation.

Best Option For Me: OpenCart or PrestaShop?

OpenCart eCommerce is a good choice for a basic e-commerce website online store, and can be summed up as below:

1. Opencart eCommerce demo or themes is easier to demo setup and work with. New users would go through, which means they could website set up and website eCommerce start using OpenCart quite fast.

This is just because the website online interfaces offered by this eCommerce solution are very complete, straightforward and simple eCommerce ones.

2. It offers users a good set of eCommerce product Opencart features, including a powerful product catalog functionality and a good website mechanism for order processing.

3. If you check with opencart then it comes with some very good website documentation, which guides users through all the eCommerce initial setup and other website functionality.

4. Well-Designed complete Admin Interface and you can get the order data, Customer data and number of charts.

5. The website cost of complete setting up a store with eCommerce OpenCart is quite great approachable even for online small businesses or online any big business.

6. There are a huge number of eCommerce add-ons for OpenCart and many of them are completely free – you would be able to get a website online site up and running using very different payment gateways for website no costs, where on other eCommerce platforms you would need to pay for these.

Best Paid Opencart Themes

Electronics & Computers OpenCart Themes

Creative Opencart Theme

Creative 3.0.X Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme This template looks professional on every device. It’s okay if you have no HTML knowledge. It is easy to use and easy to install. It is dedicated to foods, furniture, electronic items, fashion & beauty products, etc.

Flowmart Opencart Theme

Flowmart 3.0.X Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme The flowmart OpenCart multipurpose theme is one of the best themes. Anyone can easily implement it. If you thinking about starting an electronic eCommerce business then you have a very big opportunity.

You can use this template for any type of product you want. If you want to add extra services then you should check our premium will enhance your website’s popularity and value.

Maxdino Opencart Theme

Maxdino 3.0.X Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme If you have an electronic shop and thinking about starting your business online then firstly you need is the best responsive theme. And for that, you can check our all templates. It will give you all the basic and standard features.

Megamall Opencart Theme

Megamall Opencart 3 MultiPurpose Responsive Theme The Megamall OpenCart Theme is fully responsive. This template serves the need of electronic items like computers, TV/AC, headphones, fans, cameras, mobile, freeze, tablets, laptops, etc.

You will get in this template’s Features like parallax scrolling, image zoom effect, full-screen slider, newsletter subscription popup, layered navigation, SEO optimized, rich snippet and many more.

Qikdeal Opencart Theme

Qikdeal Opencart 3 MultiPurpose Responsive Theme Due to the bootstrap foundation, your site will look impeccable on all screen sizes. Your visitors can enjoy browsing your site despite all possible obstacles. For detailed information take a look for yourself with a live demo preview.

Shopdeal Opencart Theme

Shopdeal OpenCart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme In the Shopdeal OpenCart Theme you will get the best color combination, multi-store, category, sub-category, full-slider, scroll to top button, social share button, and many more. Also, you can able to converse with your customers using live chat features.

It is really fast and awesome with the complete flexible theme design. This theme is included by an easy installation service.

Shopking Opencart Theme

Shopking Opencart 3 Multipurpose Responsive Theme If you are looking for a professional-looking OpenCart theme then you should check one time our Shopking OpenCart Theme. It looks fantastic and modern.

Anyone can attract to your website by seeing its design. The color of the theme is everyone’s favourite: black, blue, and white. It has a great colour combination. But if you want to change the color of the template then you can able to change it easily.

Siteshop Opencart Theme

Siteshop OpenCart 3 MultiPurpose Responsive Theme This theme’s color combination is everyone’s most favorite: black & white. You can insert all types of products into this template. It looks flat and flexible on every device.

You can insert all the information about the products which you want to insert. Information like the product’s name, color, description, label, price, size, etc.

Teqniko Opencart Theme

Teqniko - Shopping Opencart 3 Responsive Theme The premium Teqniko OpenCart Theme is perfect for your eCommerce store. We added all the basic services and features in it like product inventory, shipping, tracking, etc. You can able to see your products in each and every inventory detail from the admin panel.

If you have an electronic shop then this template is especially for you. For deep looking, check a live demo for yourself.

Twinvolt Opencart Theme

Twinvolt 3.0.X Opencart Electronics Responsive Theme For all the Electronic items, this template is the best. Because it designed for electronics items like a camera, TV, AV, fan, computer, tablet, laptop, digital watch, and anything you want. People can see your website through mobile, laptop and desktop.

Fashion & Shoes Opencart Themes

Beaulook Opencart Theme

Beaulook Fashion Responsive OpenCart 3 Theme Beaulook Fashion Responsive OpenCart theme is completely designed for fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, apparel, accessories, watch, handbags, and many more.

This theme includes features of Add to cart, category description, menus, navigation, layout, rich snippet, search block, ajax cart, SEO optimization, etc.

Blingcart Opencart Theme

Blingcart Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme - Opencart The Blingcart OpenCart Responsive Theme has all the eCommerce’s website features and functionality. If you thinking about starting your business online then here we have one to one superior designs for you.

You can easily use this template. Also, after downloading you can easily install and set up your website. After setup, your website all you have to do is insert products as per your wish.

Fashion Opencart Theme

Fashion 3.0.X Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme Using this template you can able to boost your business quickly. This template has an unlimited big banner image, image slider, ajax cart, add to cart, multi-language, multi-currency translation, and many more. You can add all the products detail to make your feel customers easy.

For more details about this template, you have to take a look at our website.

Paystore Opencart Theme

Paystore 3.0.X Opencart MultiPurpose Responsive Theme The Paystore OpenCart theme is for multi types of products that you want to sell. Nowadays eCommerce stores are very popular and easy to maintain for you and for your customers.

Mostly, we added enough facilities and functionalities in our templates and themes. You can make your template as you want because our themes have a custom layout, custom color, custom background and custom fonts. So, you are free to expand your business widely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The main OpenCart Software is completely free. You can download it from the official website.

After the time change, the latest version comes with new benefits. But if you are comfortable with the old version, then 2.2 and 2.3 versions are most preferable. Sometimes there is no reason to go with the old version and eventually you may want to upgrade these versions.
So, you can look a� 3.0 as it is the new latest version but, it is coming out with some bugs. And if 3.0 is a little bit buggy then now it already has come to It should be stable too.

OpenCart is free but for adding extensions that cost anywhere from $0 to $99.999 each. Premium support monthly cost is $99 with professional technical support.

If you want to change the store logo in OpenCart then there are few steps to follow: firstly login to your admin panel then goes to System>Settings. Click edit and switch to the image tab. Then click Browse under the current store logo. In the “Image Manager” click on Upload and choose the file which you want to upload. After uploaded double click it. You will see that it’ll replace the current logo image. Finally, click on save. And here you go with your new logo.

OpenCart is moderately bad for SEO. because URLs aren’t optimized, Canonical links are incorrect, and filters can generate big difficulties.

In the sensible world, everything is grey in between black and white. I mean to say that nothing comes with full security. For security, you have to follow some of the best security practices of OpenCart. Like delete your OpenCart Installation folder, Secure The OpenCart Config Files, Change your admin panel and password protect it, Restricting FTP access to the site, etc.

7. How do I optimize my OpenCart website?

For optimizing your OpenCart website you have to do is: use the image size properly, optimize the image properly, compressing images for lazy load, minify your HTML, CSS, JS. index the database table, compress and minify the final output, download the page speed opencart module, use the proper extension for an image, etc.

8. How free extensions in OpenCart development are reliable and secured?

You can purchase some of the best free extensions modules for OpenCart development. And it’s all are fully reliable and secured extensions like Opencart Security HTTP Headers, Simple login security, OpenSecurity, Astra security suits for firewall, malware scanner, and many more. You can check in detailed information from OpenCart’s official site.

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