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Our PSD to WordPress Developers work speeding up the WordPress site by ensuring the enhancement technology like HTML5, CSS3 with SASS, JavaScript, PHP 7.3, MySQL and offer you a faster website loading experience.

If the site is a responsive website, the CSS and Html will need to be Normal modified accordingly.CSS coding standards for WordPress would be applied to ensure cross-browser and search engine friendly websites.

We implement some of the best high-quality standards in the plugin development to expand the website's functionality. The customer assures powerful and versatile plugin development at affordable rates.

We instill the e-commerce integration services into your WordPress website to help you convert your website into a fully functional online store and fully supported Mobile-Friendly to a dedicated WordPress theme.

Included in PSD to WordPress Service:

  • Third-party Plugin integration
  • User-Friendly And Easy Manageable
  • Pixel Perfect Conversation
  • Proven code Standard Services
  • Easily Upgradeable(Easily changeable and Upgradeable)
  • Custom Plug-in Development
  • Optimized Images
  • Theme Options in Back-end

WooCommerrce is one of the most prominent ecommerce plugins ever which is independently available on WordPress. Any person who has a small business or largest enterprise who are using WordPress can use WooCommerce in contrast, it is specifically designed for them.

If you already have a PSD file and are looking for someone to convert it into a WooCommerce theme then, you are at the right place. Providing perfection is our purpose. You provide us with your design and we convert it into a WooCommerce theme in just a matter of time. All you have to do is contact us and get a quote from us for conversation service.

WebiBazaar Template is one of the best online theme providing companies in the following theme category such as OpenCart Theme, PrestaShop Theme, Free Shopify Themes, Free WooCommerce Theme and Free BigCommerce Theme and also other custom services too. We convert your PSD file into WordPress and then apply it on your WooCommerce website without any hassle. If you already have a PSD file then, give it to us. We will do the rest of the work on behalf of you and deliver you the exact product that you asked for from us to make.

Our Drastic Team Willing To Provide What you Deserve

Our Drastic Team Willing To Provide What you Deserve

1. Well-Speed Optimized

Speed of light. Everyone wants their work to be done as fast as it can. As per experts if any website has less TTFB can specifically decrease the Bonus rate and provide the best user experience. According to google research e-commerce websites take a lot of time to load one page or going from one page to another.

However, we remove this burden and improvise by implementing the advanced technique of optimizing page speed. In addition, there are also some multifarious supports available therefore you can check the loading time of certain pages on your own.

2. Mobile-Friendly

While the making of the theme we do keep one thing in the mind that your digital store also looks responsive on mobile UX as much as it provides the same experience on the desktop version.

We assure you, we will make a user-friendly mobile experience. When someone opens your WooCommerce store into their mobile they would witness a highly responsive and entirely well-optimized theme like they never before. According to certain reports, more than 50% of internet traffic comes from smartphones users.

3. Rich-Schema Compliant

Very well structured data helps Google to understand the content of your website. Google wants a better script about your website data. I.e. what’s your product list, what’s your business, moreover, what kind of other services are providing differently from your other opponents.

In general, all this data insinuatingly helps you and your e-commerce store in ranking higher on any search engine and also tell about the service and product you offer to your customers.


Our expert developers give prominent importance to the CSS processor as it is also a very standard coding aspect as well used by us.

The google search engine gives importance to the well-organized coding structure. Regardless, we also make sure that your e-commerce store stands out on your customers’ expectations and reach out to your targeted audiences and navigate well to new customers of yours as well.

5. Hand Coding

Our developers have the ability to start the most essential coding process by their process of developing. Every single line of HTML script is developed by us. We do not use any insignificant aspect to convert your PSD file into HTML.

6. Payment Gateway

Every e-Commerce website does provide such payment gateways. Nevertheless, the WooCommerce website has the ability to maintain multifarious payment gateways at a time. In this particular thing, we provide you with a variety of payment gateways, therefore, you can upgrade the trust of your customers by providing them secure and easy to use payment gateways integrated with your WooCommerce Theme store.

This Is Our Standard Process To Make Every PSD to WooCommerce Conversion Process Accomplish.

Standard Process

1. Project Analysis

2. Implementation of Design

3. Unified In WordPress

4. Testing & Analysis

5. Reviews & Feedbacks From Clients

6. Deployment of Product

Our Psychology Is To Work With You As a Partner

We work with people from different countries and they get what they asked for. Quality of Product is basically our mantra for making every work feasible.

As we work with our customers as they are our partners and we do care about their privacy. Not a single word was disclosed from us and they got help from us with a kind heart like a cherry on the cake. Regardless, every customer wants their employee to have certain years of experience so that they can get beyond their expectations.

listen to our customers about what they are actually saying about us then you decide on your own. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us. We are 24/7 available to talk to you about your conversion or any other service.


We prefer PSD or AI files but if you have other formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAR, PDF etc. we do accept these file formats too.

You can send files by using google drive, Gmail, we transfer link, skype etc.

We assign one technical team leader for every project, we start analysing your project within just 24 hours if you provided us with all the mandatory details we ask for.

Affirmatively! Yes, if you have a pre-purchased theme and you want to customize it then, our developers have the ability to do PSD to WooCommerce conversion related to any theme you want us to customize it.

You can receive a working process report every 2 days, we keep in touch with you through email and skype.


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