To add a menu on the homepage, first, you need to add a new category. When you add a category, it will display in PrestaShop’s theme default “Main Menu” Module.

To add a category, Go to admin side Catalog > Categories. You will see a list of categories that are already in store. in order to add a category, click on the “Add new category” button.

How to add Menu in PrestaShop
How to add Menu in PrestaShop

If you want to add the Mega Menu module, click on the Megamenu module. Here, we add the menu in default PrestaShop’s “Main Menu” Module.

Follow below step to add menu:

Modules > Module manager > Modules

How to add Menu in PrestaShop
How to add Menu in PrestaShop

Choose Configure Option to set up the main menu module. Here, we can see Selected items, Available items, Change position, etc.

Selected items that already display in your menu. Available items list all items that you add. You can also change the position of your menu by Change position option.

To add the menu, just select in the “Available items” list, and click on Add button, if you don’t want to see category then you can also remove it by Remove button. The category will be removed from the list only, it will not be displayed in menu

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How to add Menu in PrestaShop
How to add Menu in PrestaShop

External Links:

In case, if you want to add an external link, PrestaShop “Main Menu” module give facilities for add external link. To add an external link just add the name of the link, URL of the link and last choose “New Window” option whether you want to link in a new window or not.then click on the “Add” button.

After adding an external link, it will display in “Available items”. Select it and add it to your menu.once all link defined on the left side of “Selected items”, click on the “Save” button.

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