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What Is Squarespace?

We are pretty sure that if you are here, you must be aware of Squarespace. Still, let’s look at the meaning of Squarespace for our beginner readers.

It contains everything you’ll need to create a website. Squarespace provides more innovative functions in addition to the core services you would expect from a hosted website builder, such as domain registration, hosting, responsive themes and templates, and professional support. 

You can generate and optimize your site to increase traffic and expand your business with built-in eCommerce, blogging, SEO, and analytics tools.

Apart from all these goodies discussed above, Squarespace still has some infuriating drawbacks, forcing us to find its best alternatives.

  • you can’t enhance the functionality of your website by adding features to it
  • It was pretty expensive and much more.

Let’s discuss in detail the need for Squarespace alternatives!

Why Do You Need Squarespace Alternatives?

You may be searching for Squarespace alternatives for a variety of reasons. The specific reasons for your search will impact which tool you use, so it’s helpful to summarize them.


While Squarespace is pretty simple, you can find even simpler tools if you find Squarespace’s learning curve too steep.


While Squarespace can assist you in creating a store, there are better alternatives if you solely focus on eCommerce.

Flexibility of Features 

Because Squarespace lacks a third-party app marketplace, you are restricted to the built-in integrations. As a result, you can find far more adaptable alternatives.

Design Flexibility  

If you appreciate design flexibility, some alternatives allow you to start with a blank canvas and include a wide range of design options.


Due to the lack of apps, you are bound to the built-in integrations. If you value integrations, you should consider an alternative with a more transparent app marketplace.

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Squarespace’s prices are comparable with other tools, but there are some situations where you can find a cheaper alternative.

Now! Let’s begin with discussing the best Squarespace alternatives.

List Of The Best Alternatives Of Squarespace 

1. Weebly

Weebly is a famous website builder obtained by payment processor Square in 2018. Since that acquisition, Weebly has tilted more toward assisting you in creating online stores, but you can still use it to construct any website.

Weebly’s free plan has always been one of its major selling points. The paid plan can be less expensive than Squarespace, especially for a primary site.

Why Weebly Makes A Good Alternative?

Weebly is one of the most uncomplicated website builders available, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced users looking to create an essential website or store. While Squarespace is still reasonably simple, Weebly is even simpler and has a shorter learning curve.

Finally, Weebly offers a limited number of free plans. You can also attach your custom domain name for $5 per month, which is less expensive than just about anything Squarespace offers.

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2. Shopify

Shopify is a successful eCommerce platform that makes it incredibly simple to set up your online store. It is entirely focused on eCommerce, which is only a substitute for Squarespace’s eCommerce functions. Still, if you are primarily interested in eCommerce, Shopify is undoubtedly one of your best options.

Like Squarespace, you can immediately launch your store after signing up for a Shopify account. You never have to bother about maintenance, security, or anything else because Shopify takes care of everything.

What Makes Shopify A Good Alternative?

Because Shopify is solely focused on eCommerce, it can provide far more functionality and reliable eCommerce platform than Squarespace. Even though Squarespace’s platform is perfectly adequate for essential eCommerce stores., Shopify is a far superior option for significant eCommerce stores.

Shopify also has a thriving third-party app marketplace where you can incorporate external services and add new features to your site. You can, for example, integrate with your accounting or shipping/fulfilment software, build your email list, recover abandoned carts, and more.

3. WordPress(Self-Hosted)

According to the statistics, self-hosted WordPress software is the most popular way to create a website. WordPress powers 39.1 per cent of all websites, according to W3Techs, which is simply incredible. Squarespace powers approximately 1.4 per cent of all websites.

To use it, you must first install the open-source WordPress software on your web hosting, which adds a small amount of complexity compared to Squarespace. However, because WordPress is so widely known, most web hosts have made it simple to set up.

Why Self-Hosted WordPress Makes A Good Alternative

The most significant advantage of self-hosted WordPress over Squarespace is adaptability. You gain more flexibility in almost every situation, and you can create more types of websites, integrate with more services, customize your site, and so on.

The main reason is WordPress’s massive library of over 55,000 plugins, which add new functionalities to your site.

Aside from flexibility, self-hosted WordPress can be significantly less expensive than Squarespace.

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4. Webflow

Webflow is a popular visual, drag-and-drop website design tool among designers and web developers. It provides some of the ease of use of a website builder while providing full access to your site’s underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It also allows you to connect to a fundamental CMS to build and maintain content on more complex sites. Then it hosts and maintains everything on AWS infrastructure for you.

Overall, Webflow is an excellent tool for designers and advanced users familiar with CSS. However, because it is not as simple as Squarespace, it is probably not a good option for non-technical users.

Why Webflow Makes A Good Alternative

Webflow’s main advantage is that it provides a lot more design control/flexibility, which is why it’s such a prominent tool for web designers. You can customize every element on your page, starting with a blank canvas or a pre-built template.

When it comes to dynamic content, Webflow is also far more adaptable. You can create any content and then use Webflow to design a template for it. You could, for example, create ‘events,’ ‘job listings,’ and more.

5. Wix

Wix is another big name in hosted website builders, besides Squarespace. It takes the same basic approach, so there will be no surprises. Create a Wix account and build your site with pre-made templates and a visual drag-and-drop editor.

Wix offers a limited free plan if you don’t mind using a Wix subdomain and ads.

Otherwise, most people would want to begin with the $12.50-per-month Unlimited plan, which makes Wix slightly less expensive than Squarespace for its features.

Why Wix Makes A Good Alternative

While Wix, like Squarespace, is a hosted website builder, it does provide a little more versatility in a few critical areas.

To begin with, Wix supports third-party apps, giving you more choices for widening your site and incorporating it with other facilities you use. There are still only 250 apps to choose from, so you won’t have nearly as many choices as WordPress, but it’s far more comprehensive than Squarespace’s built-in integrations.

Second, Wix is more adaptable when interacting with your site’s code. Corvid allows you to interact directly with Wix’s APIs and add custom JavaScript to your site. Users can also use an integrated development environment to edit code. These are more advanced features, but advanced users will appreciate them.

Finally, for simple sites, Wix may be less expensive than Squarespace.

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Okay, do you think which of these tools is suitable for your situation?

Your first question should be whether you want to stick with Squarespace’s simple hosted approach or if you’re comfortable with a self-hosted tool. If you don’t mind self-hosting your site, self-hosted WordPress is an excellent place to start.

Again, WordPress is by far the most popular way to create a website, and it has significant advantages in terms of flexibility and, potentially, cost. The only disadvantage is that it adds a little more sophistication than Squarespace.

That’s it for this time, and Please stay tuned for more updates regarding various alternatives of Squarespace and much more!

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