Running eCommerce web templates is not an easy task, assuring its success is more difficult. In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, many companies have to solve multiple challenges and focus on the right strategies to help their business succeed.

Online business retailers are aware of how hard it can be to drive more traffic to their stores in the world of eCommerce stores. While the eCommerce economy is poisoned for compelling growth in the coming years, you can only wait to see results if you progress it in the right way.

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So, if you are searching to achieve success for your eCommerce business check out these 7 tips that can help boost your business growth.

1. Clarify Your Menus

Menus are a perfect way to stay organized and group what you are selling. But as mentioned don’t overcomplicate things. Menus with too many categories will confuse your visitors and avoid them from finding what they are looking for.

Your menu should not be more specific. Rather, use broad terms to categorize and subcategorize your products. You can get the website Prestashop 1.7 Themes from a marketplace called

2. Add Search Bar

Adding a search bar to your store will really help your visitors to find products they are looking for easily in no time. It can be helpful if you have a huge product catalog.

With the search bar, when visitors will start to search using the product name, they will instantly find products related to what they searched for.


They will purchase the product if they find it easily what they need but if they don’t find what they are looking for they won’t purchase any product so it won’t give you any sales. Use tags if you are selling males and females products so they can sort products easily.

3. Remove Unnecessary Steps In Checkout Process

Having an additional step in the checkout process will increase the chances of abandoning the cart transaction. In fact, many visitors said that they abandoned a shopping cart during the checkout process because of the long and complicated process.

So to avoid cart abandonment, get the only necessary information from the visitors. Just get their name, shipping address, payment information. That’s as simple as your checkout process, the higher chance to increase your sales.

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4. Don’t Force Visitors To Create Profile

If you want visitors to go through the checkout process quickly. So you need to offer them a guest checkout process option instead of forcing them to create a profile. You can still encourage them to create their profile.

When the order is being reviewed, guests can see the fast checkout button but they can’t use it. This option is for visitors who set up their profiles.

They can go through the checkout process faster since all their profile information is saved in their accounts. Indirect features like this encourage profile account signups without being annoying or putting pressure on visitors.

5. Send Email To Those Who Abandoned Cart

Once visitors set up their profile, you can see when they add something to their shopping cart without purchasing it. Don’t ignore them.

Many times, visitors are just one or two clicks away from completing the purchase. Clearly, they were interested in your product enough to add it to their cart.

Send them an email remainder and encourage them to purchase products they left in their cart.

6. Give Priority To SEO

More than 40% of the purchasers start the purchasing process through search engines, mainly Google. If your eCommerce Shopify Themes website is not on one of the top results, they will purchase from one of your competitors instead.

That’s the reason it is so important for you to focus your efforts on SEO (Search engine optimization). To rank higher in search engines, do some research using keywords tools, and check how your competitors are ranking higher in search engines.

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7. Start Writing Blogs On A Daily Basis

Yes, you read it right! Writing blogs that are related to your business or relate to your products will help your visitors to understand more about the products or services you offer them so they can get inspired and make a purchase.


Running a blog in addition to your eCommerce app development company is a great way to build a strong following. It also helps you rank higher in search engine results so you can drive more traffic to your store organically.

8. Write Explanatory Product Descriptions

You cannot sell your products with just a name. Each product on your website needs to have an explanatory description. Make sure you avoid text with large blocks. Keep the description short and informative.

Explain how the products work by displaying the key benefits. You don’t need to explain the history of the products or how it was built. That will not drive sales.

You can use bullet points to make it easy for visitors to scan through the text and read the descriptions.

9. Offer Free Shipping

It is simple, don’t charge your customers for shipping costs. That’s because abrupt costs are one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. They see a price listed on the product page of your website, but at checkout, they see additional charges.


These added costs are driving people away. Increase the price of your products to cover shipping charges, instead of charging for shipping separately.

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Final words 

I hope you will start implementing the above-mentioned points on your business website and encourage your customers in different ways to grow your sales and scale up your conversions.

Keep implementing things in your store and stay updated so you can beat your competitors and rank higher in search engines.

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