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Hire web designer service offer you :

  • Number of designer hours - from 2-10 hours depends on the package you select.
  • Project manager hours - they are included in each package for free.
  • Projects of any difficulties - we will create any designs for you like for any project of complications.

How this service works :

Collecting information :

(30 minutes)

After you purchase this service, our dedicated project manager will contact you to get details about the design you want us to customize or create, we will tell you exactly how long it will take to complete the task, please provide us with a screenshot, description, and additional information to fulfill your requirements.

Creation of design :

(5 business days)

We will customize or create unique designs for you, you will be able to check the progress via contacting your project manager through email or live chat.

Reviewing and getting work done :

(30 minutes)

Our team member will contact you when all listed customizations are done, you will be asked to review the design and approve it. Please notify us if you want to change or add any designs. Review process takes about 15 minutes.

To get your designs done we need :

  • Information about designs you want us to customize or create new.
  • Any additional details (if needed) to perform the service.

Why should you hire a web designer?

If you are starting/running an online business and you don't have time to create or customize existing designs, it can be logo change or a homepage of your brand new website, you will get professional assistance from our project manager and designers.

To get your work done our project manager will contact you to discuss all the necessary details and start working on your vision and make it possible as per your requirements in case if you want to change any design you can ask the designer to change as per your requirement.

Following overview will let you understand our provided time package :

  • 2 hours - we will provide you with minor customization such as logo change, changing website graphic elements like icons or favicon.
  • 5 hours - this time is required for modification of layout design of website in PSD, we can also create a new inner page of your website based on existing homepage design, site form design(contact form or request a quote form) and even a new business identity based on the existing logo.
  • 10 hours - within this time we can create you a custom logo or other business identity, homepage design in PSD for your website and advanced custom form design.

We will bring out the best of best to fit your design expectations, however challenging tasks may need extra job hours to get more modifications , you can purchase additional time for 20$/hr.


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Designs of any difficulty.

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