Auto Parts OpenCart Theme

Auto Parts OpenCart Theme

If you are into auto parts offline business and you are thinking of getting your store online you came to the right place. Opencart auto parts tools themes are specially designed for business owners like you or people into car rental services or resellers of luxury cars.

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OpenCart is an online free platform to create your online Store. Using OpenCart Themes you can easily customize your store easily by yourself without any knowledge of coding or hiring a tech guy for it.

Auto Parts OpenCart Theme Features

Responsive Design Themes

This theme has a fully responsive design so it automatically adjusts the screen by devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers which improves the user's shopping experience.

Readymade Homepages

It comes with 3 different homepages so you can choose what looks better for your business and start promoting your products.

Supports Multiple Languages & Multiple Currencies

It supports multilingual languages and multiple currencies which is useful for users who are from different countries to get details about products they are interested in, using this feature you can sell your products worldwide.

Megamenu Feature

This feature allows you to add a navigation menu vertically or horizontally easily using the drag and drop option, you can create a menu as you want according to your business with well-organized products using categories and subcategories. It also allows you to add new sections to your menu such as a blog, about us, contact us, or the services you provide to customers.

Product Quick View

This feature allows users to view their favourite products easily in a pop-up block without entering into the product page user can easily add products to their cart in the popup menu it gives users a great shopping experience.

Dropdown Cart

This feature allows user to check their cart easily by clicking on the cart icon as soon as the user clicks on the cart icon they will see items they added to the cart in the pop-up view user can also complete the checkout process from pop up view this feature easily help customers to buy what they like in less time.

Search by Category

This feature allows users to search their favorite products easily just by selecting the category of what they want to purchase and boom user gets the result they want in no time.


Adding testimonials to your store is a great idea if you are selling high range products so if some customer purchase any product from you ask them to make a video or write a review about how that product is useful or the quality of the product this may help other users to get to know about your product quality and they can order it without any doubt.

Blog Module

This feature allows you to write articles about your products or services that you are providing to customers using blogs you can narrow down each and every detail of a product so the customer can easily find what they are looking for and the blog also helps you to rank on google from where you can drive more traffic to your store.

One Page Checkout

This feature allows customers to purchase products in less time in a single page checkout process where they can add minimum details about them and easily make payment and confirm orders easily without redirecting One Page to Another for the Checkout Process.

Newsletter Pop Up

Using this feature you can capture user’s emails to promote products they have in their cart or offer festive discounts or send them news related to your products this can help you scale up your conversions.

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So these are the top features you must use in your online business store to get maximum traffic and conversions. If you are using other platforms for your eCommerce store you can check out PrestaShop Auto Parts Themes, Shopify Themes, Responsive WooCommerce Themes, BigCommerce Themes.

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