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Shopeur MultiPurpose Responsive Shopify Theme

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Art & Culture Shopify Themes

If you are into the Art & Culture business and thinking of creating an online store you came to the right place. Shopify allows you to create an amazing online store to sell your products & services online.

Webibazaar Templates provide many eCommerce Web Design Themes platform on Best Prestashop Themes, Responsive BigCommerce Themes, Shopify themes, OpenCart themes, WooCommerce themes.

Shopify themes include HTML5 file, CSS3 file, PSD file, Screenshots and Documentation.

Talking about features :

Responsive Design - Responsive Shopify Themes are designed fully responsive so it looks perfect when opened from any devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers.

SEO Friendly - Electronics Store Shopify Themes are designed SEO friendly so you can create content as per SEO rules and it can help you rank higher in search engine results so you can drive more traffic to your store.

Smart Megamenu - This feature allows you to create a menu as per your choice, you can add products into categories and subcategories.

Blog Section - This feature allows you to add blogs of your products and services to help your visitors understand your products easily and it can also help your site to rank higher in search engines.

List/Grid View - This feature allows you to showcase your products in list view or grid view as per your website structure.

Advanced Search - This feature allows your visitors to search products easily in no-time, when visitors start to write product names in the search bar the result will appear below the search bar related to what visitor is searching.

Custom Slideshow - This feature allows you to create a custom slideshow where you can add your featured products with a CTA button and encourage your visitors to purchase your products.

Multi-language - Ecommerce Shopify Themes support multiple languages so you can create your store as per your language preference and you can also sell your products or services worldwide.

Multiple currencies - Shopify Themes support multiple currencies so it will be helpful to visitors to know product prices easily.

Dynamic Layout - this feature allows you to add a DIV-based layout which allows a highly flexible display of content. It separates presentation and content.

Ajax Adds To Cart - this feature allows visitors to add their favorite products to cart easily without going to the product page which gives visitors a great shopping experience.

Product Slider - this feature allows you to add a carousel product image to highlight your top-selling products with product URLs so visitors can easily navigate to the one-page Checkout and make a purchase.

Testimonial - this feature allows you to add testimonial videos of your customers reviewing your products. Adding testimonials to your store can encourage new visitors to purchase the products you sell.

Social Share - this feature allows your visitors to share their favorite products with their friends and families through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Scroll To Top - this feature allows visitors to scroll to the top easily without scrolling up just tap the scroll to top button and visitors will be taken to the top of the site page.

Customer Review - this feature allows you to showcase your customer's reviews you got from all over the internet to encourage your new visitors to purchase your products without hesitating.

Unlimited Slider + Banners - this feature allows you to add a custom banner and slider to the homepage to offer festive discounts, top-selling products, Etc.

There are more features you can use to create a perfect art & culture store and start selling your products and services easily.

Webibazaar Template provides many Web services. Such as PSD to PrestaShop, PSD to BigCommerce, PSD to OpenCart, Website Design Audit Service, SEO Optimization Service, Etc.

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