add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7 is very important feature for eCommerce site.if you add attributes like size,color, etc.. then your customer have a choice and they are able to find a certain good product that suits them.Price also depend on attribute selection.

Let’s start how to add product attribute in store.

Add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7
Add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7

let’s find out how to add attributes at admin side.login to your admin panel and go to Catalog => Attributes & Features

First add Attributes then add Attributes below screen shot you can see 4 Attributes.

Add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7

Let’s create one attribute

Now click on ‘Add new attribute’ button:

Now complete all field and click on Save Button.

  • Name: Here Write name of attributes so create all attribute with different name.
  • Public Name: This name will display front of site in product page that name seen by customer.
  • Attribute type: it display how the attribute will be displayed on the product page. You can choose between Drop-down list, Radio buttons, Colour or texture.

After fill all filed then click on save button to create new Attributes.

Add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7

Now next step to add value for attribute.

click on view button and for add value click on ‘add new value’ at top.

There fill 4 field to add new value:

  • Attribute group : Select Attribute group for value.
  • Value : Here Write name of value.
  • Color : if your attribute is color then set required color.
  • Texture : here upload image to define texture or type of will display in product page.

Add product combination and attributes in PrestaShop 1.7

Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ button, after you fill out all the fields.

Now add another value same as above.

you know very well how to create new attribute and value of attribute from above steps.but now assign that attribute value to a required product.for that we have to careate combination with attribute and attribute value.

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For add combination to a product follow below steps:

1. in your prestashop admin panel go to Catalog -> ProductChoose the product you need add combination

2. Choose Product with combinations from right column

3. Choose combination tab and select attribute and attribute value which you can add many attribute as your needed.

Click on Generate Button and new product varition will display below.

as result you will get product with combination

then you can edit details of product of new combiantion

Now finally add combination in product click on save button

Now you will see attribute on product page and customer can select their requirement.

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